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January 2019
  Looking for terrain hexes Sun, 06 January 2019 23:01
Hi there!

Sorry, I'm not a Memoir '44-player. I am developing a board game myself and for my prototype I need a big stack of hexagonal terrain tiles. The hexes used in Catan are too big, but after some investigation I discovered that the tiles in Memoir '44 are of the proper size. Smile

I need about 70-100 of these. I'm looking for the following types:

- Grass (about 30)
- Desert (30)
- Forest (15, perhaps half of these could be palm forests)
- Mountain (15)

I really just need the tiles, and it would be very expensive to buy several boxes or expansions of Memoir '44 just to get all the tiles I need.

So my question is: is there any way I can buy such a collection of tiles?

This page ( only lists a restricted range of queries, and my question doesn't fit any of these. That's why I'm asking it here.

Can anyone help me out? Thanks in advance! Smile
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Re:Looking for terrain hexes Mon, 07 January 2019 00:03
See my answer in the Dutch Memoir'44 forum.
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Re:Looking for terrain hexes Mon, 07 January 2019 00:42
Like Jeronimon said, grass is printed straight on the board and I don't suspect any players aren't 'using' their tiles. Your best bet might be looking on eBay for cheap sets and then reselling the extra parts to recoup some of your cost.

Good luck!
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Re:Looking for terrain hexes Mon, 14 January 2019 16:02
If you're buying a memoir box, I'll be more than happy to buy the minis and the deck of cards. Make me a fair price + delivery in Germany per private message and we'll figure it out Smile
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