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January 2019
Ticket to Ride: South American version Wed, 16 January 2019 23:16
A South American version would be very much welcomed. Imagine the length of the route going down through the Andes, through long countries like Chile and Argentina, they could be 10 spaces long, thus being worth a game changing amount of points.

There could be a 'tunnel' kind of concept with routes through the Amazon rainforest and river, meaning the 3 card top of the deck turnover will happen more regularly.

Also, I think Days of Wonder should add an 'EVENT' card to the deck. So in this version's case, the event could be "LANDSLIDE between Lima and La Paz ROUTE BLOCKED" or "Tree fallen on track between Asuncion and Montevideo" as there are a lot of dangerous railways on the edge of cliffs and tracks cutting through rainforest in South America in realistically. If these event cards are drawn then that route becomes blocked so no player can place any train cars on it, forcing alternative routes to be taken.
(They could incorporate the 'EVENT' cards into the Nordic edition where snow avalanches can strike! and Reindeer block track!)

There could be some positive event cards ofcourse, but this all I have thought of so far. Feel free to discuss any ideas below.
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