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  Ticket to Ride 2.6 update Wed, 27 February 2019 16:46
Dear players,

We are in the process of pushing a 2.6.x update for Ticket to Ride on the various stores. Here is the summarized list of changes:

  • Fixed two major rules of the France map: draw 8 cards to each player at the beginning of the game and draw 4 tickets when you ask for new tickets during the game.
  • Fixed Pennsylvania map local game when the game was unresponsive in case of no share to give to the dummy player.
  • Add a new level of animations speed on the settings screen! This should satisfy all tastes.
  • Fixed the crash on notification reception on Android. We now use the new notification engine of Google.
  • Enabled France map to be played on Android TV.
  • Various fixes

"So, still no iPhone X support, what the heck are you guys doing?!" you might wonder. Well, we hear you but something came up. Be prepared for a long technical explanation...

Recently Apple announced that they would not accept submissions of apps built with older version of XCode and the iOS SDK, some time in March 2019 (without being more precise, thank you Apple). It might seems a harmless detail - after all, more recent is better, right? The problem is that the latest XCode+SDK combo does not support old versions of iOS. It's a breaking update. In other words, our players who still use older devices would not be able to update their game anymore. That's 7% of our players, which means LOTS of people!

So we decided to do two things - that you are getting in this 2.6 update:

  • Work as hard as possible on fixes to make a "last fully compatible update" for older users that would be as good as possible.
  • Implement a new and smarter backward compatibility system for online gaming.

About the second point: until now, we only had a "big switch", i.e. some setting on the servers that would force older players to update their app if they wanted to play online. But what if they CANNOT update because of what I explained above? Surely you want them to be able to keep on playing online - at least on the maps that did not change! It would be completely unfair to lock older players out just because they cannot afford to buy Apple's latest gyzmo.
So we implemented a finer versioning system, on a map-by-map basis. If a map does not have any "breaking changes" when a new update is released, older versions of Ticket to Ride will still be able to play online with users of the latest updates.

This required significant efforts and testing, which postponed the iPhone X support. But it is from the good of the whole online community, especially our oldest players, whom we refused to let down.

We apologize for the long and technical explanation, but we thought some of our readers would be interested in hearing how things go some times on the development side.

Have fun with the game!

The Ticket to Ride team

[Updated on: Wed, 27 February 2019 16:46]

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Re:Ticket to Ride 2.6 update Wed, 27 February 2019 21:11
Will the 4 mins' clock be back?

Best Regards
Mandala Maharaja

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Re:Ticket to Ride 2.6 update Sat, 06 April 2019 00:42
Haven't seen any updates here or via the App Store in a while. I was curious if there is a new timeline now that the compatibility update has been made. That was a nice show of support for the players on older devices.

However, since I use all newer devices (iPhone X / iPad Pro 11") I am eager to see the black bars disappear and be able to use all my screens!
Mandala Maharaja

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Re:Ticket to Ride 2.6 update Fri, 03 May 2019 23:12
Saw the update that hit the Apple App Store today (2.6.2). The iPhone X display looks good! Guessing that the iPad Pro will be next in line for display changes.

I would be curious to know more about the breakdown of the bugs, to see if any of the few I've been tracking have had fixes implemented.

Thanks again for the progress we've been seeing!

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Re:Ticket to Ride 2.6 update Sat, 08 June 2019 01:02
Still very poor AI in France. The AI misses to achieve the goals.
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