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August 2019
Rules confusion Mon, 05 August 2019 15:13
I recently began playing Gang of Four. The rules seem clear except for certain five card hands. In the case of a flush, let’s say I play 7-6-3-2-1 red. The next player has to play a higher flush. He plays 8-4-3-2-1 red. Is this an acceptable play? His HIGHEST card beats my highest card, which is acceptable in poker, but the TOTAL of my cards is 19 while his is 18. Also, when does the color of the flush come into play? Thanks for any help with this.
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Re:Rules confusion Thu, 08 August 2019 15:34
You compare the two highest cards first. If they are equal, you compare the next two highest ones. Etc. Like when sorting words by alphabetical order.

Therefore: 8-4-3-2-1 > 7-6-3-2-1

And: 8-4-3-2-1 > 8-3-3-2-2

Maybe more surprising: Green 8-4-3-2-1 > Red 7-6-3-2-1
Why? Because Green 8 > Red 7. As simple as this. Smile

Enjoy the game!

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