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Ticket to Ride: 15th Anniversary Edition - joy or disappointment? Sat, 03 August 2019 00:20
https://www.tabletopgamingnews.com/Days-of-Wonder-Announces- Ticket-to-Ride-15th-Anniversary-Edition

http://www.dicetowernews.com/ticket-to-ride-15th-anniversary -edition-coming-this-summer/59901

At first I was very pleased with the news that we would have a special edition of 15 years.

From what I have read so far I am very disappointed as I believe it could be something more special.

I believe it will be a common issue with a few different items.

Will it come with all the promotional cards that existed in the USA version?

I remember that not even in the 10th anniversary edition did they come.

Am I too picky?

I would like to hear from other Ticket To Ride lovers ......
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Re:Ticket to Ride: 15th Anniversary Edition - joy or disappointment? Sun, 11 August 2019 21:24
Since I has only 30 destination tickets, it looks to just be the basic game rebranded with translucent trains. And thus new colored trains to use in case (as in our household) of who gets certain colors!

So at least a way to get these trains finally. I think DoW saw that the 10th anniversary edition is rarely played with. So barring the sleeve, I suspect this will and maybe (just my thoughts here,,,) maybe the older set will get retired.

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