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August 2019
New Expansions and Races Thu, 15 August 2019 07:48
I have some custom expansions and races. Some already have been tested, some are on going.
I know that DoW you do not cooperate with game authors/designers, but maybe for 10th anniversary? I am willing to share with my ideas Wink I have got everything in polish so I will just describe them shortly and share some photos:

+ Heroes - 3d printed figures, players can buy skills (like +1 to attack, +1 to defense etc) in special shops, hero can be captured and can hide in special regions.
+ small world goes space !! - new small map in space, with special regions, rules etc.
+ crazy pumpkins - works only on a custom hex-like map. Pumpkins spread every turn by rolling a dice. Having region near pumpkin gives +1 coin, but it is dangerous!
+ hex-like custom map with new region Sulfur Field - here I have got custom race and skill for that
+ new races and skills - I have got couple new, my favourite are Bridged Trolls Smile
+ small maps - "ice map" (lost tockens transform to ice ghouls), "dungeoun" (demons live there! but player can control them:))

New expansions under development - I have an idea with buildings and worker-placement kind of new mechanic! it should make a game a little more challenging

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December 2013
Re:New Expansions and Races Fri, 16 August 2019 12:36
Great ideas I am looking forward to see your finished work Smile
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