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Essential Features of Amino Acid Supplement Benefits Fri, 20 September 2019 12:39
Amino acids are organic compounds formed by (C) Carbon , (H) Hydrogen , (O) Oxygen and (S) Sulfur, constituting the only usable source of nitrogen for humans that combine to form proteins that are fundamental pillars of life , and an important basis for the growth and development of organs and tissues. When proteins are digested or broken down, the amino acids run out.

The human body requires many to:

Break down food .

Growing up.

Repair body tissues.

Carry out many other functions

The organism needs Amino Acid Supplement Benefits as building elements and it is known that an insufficient contribution of them is associated with difficulties in growth, especially muscle tissue, as well as health disorders ...

Amino acids are the structural units of proteins, that is, proteins are formed by chains of amino acids intertwined with each other. They basically contain carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen.? 20 amino acids necessary for human growth and metabolism have been identified . Of these 20 amino acids, 11 for children and 12 for adults are considered non-essential, as they are those that our body can synthesize or form and therefore it is not essential to obtain them from food. The remaining 8-9 are called essential amino acids, the human body does not synthesize them and therefore must be an essential part of our daily diet.

Amino acid reactions
In Amino Acid Supplement Benefits there are three main reactions that start when an amino acid binds with pyridoxal-P forming a Schiff or aldimine base. Henceforth the transformation depends on the enzymes , which have in common the use of coenzymepyridoxal phosphate. The reactions that are triggered can be:

Transamination (transaminase): Needs the participation of an a-keto acid.


Racemization: It is the conversion of a compound L into D, or vice versa. Although in the proteins of the eukaryotes ( animals , plants , fungi ...) amino acids are present only in the structural form levógira (L), in the bacteria we can find D-amino acids.

The binding of several Amino Acid Supplement Benefits results in chains called polypeptides or simply peptides, which are called proteins when the polypeptide chain exceeds 50 amino acids or the total molecular mass exceeds 5,000 amu. Since these functional groups possess H in their chemical structures , they are groups susceptible to changes in pH; therefore, at the pH of the cellpractically no amino acid is found that way, but it is ionized. The amino acids at acidic pH are mostly in their cationic form (with positive charge), and at basic pH they are in their anionic form (with negative charge). However, there is a specific pH for each amino acid, where the positive charge and the negative charge are of the same magnitude and the whole molecule is electrically neutral. In this state it is said that the amino acid is in its dipole ion or zwitterion form .

The essential Amino Acid Supplement Benefits are those that the body itself can not synthesize by itself. This implies that the only source of obtaining these amino acids in organisms is through the direct ingestion of food in the diet. The routes for obtaining essential amino acids are usually long and energetically expensive.


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Re:Essential Features of Amino Acid Supplement Benefits Sat, 21 September 2019 10:34
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