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Lady Awinita
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October 2019
  Adroid offline play crashes Sat, 16 November 2019 05:28
Hey folks, took me a bit to find the forum and when I did I figure I could get more help here quicker, hopefully in time for the roadtrip.

So, first off the things I did NOT do, {darned auto update]

Update the game
Sign back in

Everything worked as expected, {because I had wifi enabled}

So I turn off wifi to try something with the latest update and the the game wont even validate the download! Instead it crashes to the homescreen with a little propr "Ticket to Ride has stopped." the only two options are to restart the app, or send feedback

Restarting the app causes ANOTHER crash and then the only two optinos are "close app" and "send feedback"

It did NOT do this 24 hours ago. 24 hours ago I had no wifi game worked fine I just couldnt sign in, which is again fine, as long as I can play the game offline I'm happy.

Dont get me wrong i love this game on my tablet, its a great time waster. but without the offline playability enabled, I cannot use this game during my roadtrip as hoped

Advice most welcome on what to try {yes I have tried reinstalling the game and it didnt help}
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July 2013
Re:Adroid offline play crashes Sat, 23 November 2019 19:56
I am having the exact same problem! It started immediately after the most recent update. This morning I could play without wifi, but immediately after it updated the game I can't.

Since the time I play TTR is mostly on the airplane when I travel, this is a major issue.
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