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[BEWOLF] Season 2/Enlistment Sun, 01 December 2019 16:23
Hello Guys! Just a little post for the beginning of enlistment for the second season of the Bewolf!

Bewolf? An online tournament, from January to November. You play one scenario each month against one opponant. (You even get two months to play in July/August.). A good way to start online tournaments if you didn't have the time to play many games each month then.

All scenarios are fictive scenarios; every scenario is played in 8 medals and each side gets 6 cards. After that, each scenario has these own special rules!

This tournament is open to everyone with the Memoir'44 Online expert mode, feel free to join us ! Smile

For enlistement you just need to post your M44 nickname in this post : https://www.daysofwonder.com/fr/msg/?th=39513&start=0
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