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Physical | Digital TTR : Updates ??? Tue, 30 July 2019 04:25
OK, have been a loyal fan of the game for almost 5 years. Have purchased EVERY version of the game physically. Have purchased ALL of the DIGITAL version as well. As a fan and an avid ticketeer ... have a serious question for the folks @ DOW|<ParentCorp> ...


Its been over a year since France came out physically and coming up on a year digitally. As a very interested fan, I loved the fact that @ least once a year, you would come out with a new major board or semi-major expansion. TTR First Journey? TTR-mini (or whatever its called) w/ NY & London? Come on, you guys can do better than that. Have seen some pretty cool fan-made maps/sets that deserve a look (Middle Earth/Russia/Canada/Seattle), are these even being considered - would go a long way for us fans?

You literally have almost the entire planet to work with, hundreds of countries, each with vast histories and infrastructures - which can be mapped. Am very frustrated here.

Yes, I realize I may have become accustomed to regularly new content - that also keeps it fresh and fun - a pointer from a fan. And, yes I do realize I may be coming across as curt|angry|screaming. It feels like we are an afterthought.

On that note, I just want to know a few things.

Can we have ....

Digital Roadmap : aka Update(s) that can be COUNTED upon.
Physical Update/Roadmap : aka Is there a new BIG map coming out (not tiny TTR) soon? If so, can you PLEASE relate something like that ..... else, publishing the Roadmap(s) would go a long way to us fans/customers towards telling us that we are in your thoughts, and not just a dollar amount.

As a software tester I understand the complexities of releasing quality software update(s) to a complex system, but this feels like something ELSE (have seen a lot of new content coming out of the pipeline - none of it like before the new parent company took over) .... feels like we (the fans and avid players) are not that important.

You should know and internalize that I am seriously considering getting rid of all my games (physical & digital) as a result of how this feels and the backlash am feeling about it ....

Thanks for listening.
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Re:Physical | Digital TTR : Updates ??? Thu, 02 January 2020 22:29
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Re:Physical | Digital TTR : Updates ??? Tue, 14 January 2020 22:14
Sadly it has always been Days of Wonder policy of not announcing items until they are ready to be published or pushed into the respective app stores.

And with France/Old West being on the PS4 (exclusively it would seem), I would think at some point that map would arrive shortly onto other platforms, since I really love the Old West map myself.
And with it's unique rule that you have to expand your track from your initial lay, I bet those AIs will need to be tweek to run properly.

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