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Ticket to ride new york Sat, 08 February 2020 05:57
Just got the game and there's a problem. 2 of the routs appear to have 5 stops but the scoring is for up to 4.times square to Brooklyn and central park to china.....how do I score these or do them in the amount of cars....tyvm
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Re:Ticket to ride new york Sat, 08 February 2020 21:02
Welcome to the forums and to this amazing game!

I'm afraid you've misunderstood the rules a bit. When you're scoring points for completing a route, you only count the number of taxi pieces you put down between two neighboring locations. For example, the Route between Chinatown and Brooklyn is Red or Orange and is 3 Taxis long. So that will score you 4 points.

It would seem you're thinking you would only score points when you get to a destination, but those destination cards stay hidden until the end of the game and will score you points once the game is over.

So if you want to go from Times Square to Brooklyn, you could do this:

Times Square to Empire State Building = 1 track, so 1 point
Empire State Building to Gramercy Park = 1 track, so 1 point
Gramercy Park to Greenwich Village = 2 tracks, so 2 points
Gramercy Park to Chinatown = 2 tracks, so 2 points
Chinatown to Brooklyn = 3 tracks, so 4 points

Each of these connections will take a turn each to claim, so it would take you 5 turns to claim all of these if you have all the cards. And after getting those connections, you would now have 10 points (1+1+2+2+4). You might have now finished a destination ticket, but you would keep that information hidden until the end of the game.

I hope this helps!
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