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Trolls a plenty in TTR Chat.... Wed, 12 February 2020 05:12
Does anyone know how to contact DOW and ask for help in shutting down the chat forum for at least a while, so the trolls will all lose interest and leave? It’s getting out of hand with f-o-u-l names and disgusting spaced vulgar language being used in a family friendly game that we’ve all enjoyed for years.

Please DOW moderators, do something about this.
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Re:Trolls a plenty in TTR Chat.... Wed, 12 February 2020 07:04
Sorry to hear it's been getting out of hand!

Please report these using this form: https://asmodee.helpshift.com/a/ticket-to-ride/?l=en&s=m y-days-of-wonder-account&f=i-want-to-report-an-abuse

[Updated on: Wed, 12 February 2020 07:05]

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