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February 2020
Thanks Asmodee/Days of Wonder customer service! Sat, 15 February 2020 12:36
A little while back I bought a used copy of Shadows Over Camelot and finally got around to cracking it open just the other week to find that the minis were painted. Sadly, they were not painted well and they were left feeling super tacky. I had to pry a couple off of the plastic tray and it left little marks. Needless to say, I was hesitant to put them on the board and have them stick to that and theyre just awful to handle. I emailed Days of Wonder to see if it was possible as a unique transaction to buy new minis alone rather than have to go buy a new game and they sent me a while new set of minis! Totally blew me away since I didn't even buy this game new and they still went above and beyond. Thanks Asmodee/Days of Wonder team!

I also posted to minipainting and got some good ideas on how to try and refinish these painted ones, so maybe I can use this as a learning experience to learn a little about the mini painting world.usps trackingshowbox[/url]speed test

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