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April 2020
Recent change is awful!!!!!!!!! Wed, 08 April 2020 20:08
When it’s my turn a band graphic goes across the screen.... PLEASE GET RID IF THIS!!!! It’s incredibly annoying to have to see and click it nonstop!!!!

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October 2019
Re:Recent change is awful!!!!!!!!! Thu, 09 April 2020 01:13
My whole family 100% agrees. It’s extremely annoying. Mad
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March 2020
Re:Recent change is awful!!!!!!!!! Thu, 09 April 2020 01:58
Agree 100%, this is annoying AF.

What in hell were you thinking?
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March 2020
Re:Recent change is awful!!!!!!!!! Thu, 09 April 2020 08:52
Please get rid of this banner!!!

Every turn, and annoying! Find a better way to tell players it’s their turn, or at least give an option to turn it off.
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January 2011
Re:Recent change is awful!!!!!!!!! Thu, 09 April 2020 10:35
agree that the banner should be omitted;

perhaps the avatar at low right corner could be highlighted to indicate my turn...
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November 2002
Re:Recent change is awful!!!!!!!!! Fri, 10 April 2020 13:33

Sorry, I'm repeating this message I've already posted in another thread, but I want to make sure everyone reads the message. Sorry if it's a duplicate for you.

Eric B.

Thank you for your feedback. We appreciate. It helps us make the game better.

We need that banner for new players, who sometimes miss the start of their turn. With your feedback, we changed the turn banner in order to make it less painful to the experienced players.

We have changed the banner, so that it is less annoying. But still useful for the new players. So, the banner is still displayed when the turn begins. If you change the Speed option in the Game settings, and
- set it to mid-speed, the banner will appear and go away very quickly.
- set the Speed option to the maximum speed, the banner will just not show up.

This will be released as soon as possible, as soon as you guys validate this solution. You can try it right now: join the Beta test program

Please take a moment and try the new banner, and let us know if it works for you.
Thanks a lot.
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