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July 2020
Rails and sails: tour ticket Sun, 05 July 2020 22:53
Dear all,

We have a discussion on the tour tickets.

The tour is:

The route one of the players did was:

The question is on the points, obviously the route was incorrect, so not the highest points, in my opinion, it should be completely wrong, because the give route was not played, so minus score. My wife states that all mentioned cities are connected, and so the lower points should be given.

Who can clearify the rule? We had this argument for more than once now, also in different cards.

I say the exact route should be followed for most points, or for the less points the cities should be connected directly but in a different order than stated on the card. My wife says it is enough to connect all mentioned cities for the lower points.


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Re:Rails and sails: tour ticket Mon, 06 July 2020 03:58
There is more detail on this on boardgamegeek.com.

You get the higher value points if you can get from one city to the next in order without reusing any of the track. It does not matter if you go via other cities. Nothing in the rule (below) says you have to go direct between the cities. It is about the order not whether it is direct.

In your example ticket:
- can you get from Murmansk to Tiksi?
- can you get from Tiksi to Novosibirsk without using the track in previous steps?
- can you get from Novosibirsk to Yakutsk without using the track in previous steps?
- can you get from Yakutsk to Petropavlovsk without using track in the previous steps?

If you can answer yes to all then you get the higher points.

From what you said, the person should get the higher points.

If you have connected all the cities but cannot trace the route in the order you get the lower points.

I cannot understand how you can think that the person should have received minus points. They connected all the cities. The minus points would be if they missed a city completely, or there is a gap somewhere that means they cannot trace a route to them all.

Confusion comes because route can mean the one bit of track that joins two cities, or it could mean all the bits of track between distant cities.

The rule in the rule book:
There are eight Tour tickets, each of which shows more than two cities. If a player completes the ticket with the correct route in the exact order, he gains points equal to the higher value shown in the bottom-left corner of the card. If a player completes the ticket, but cannot trace a route exactly as shown on the card, he gains points equal to the lower value shown in the bottom-left corner of the card. If the player fails to complete the ticket, he loses points equal to the value shown in the bottom-right corner of the card.
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