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Peter de Zeeuw
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First D.I.S. Interview After An 8 Year Absence Sun, 04 October 2020 17:59
Franck: "Here we are, people. I finally caught up with The Ideal Son-Outlaw Peter de Zeeuw, who showed up again out of nowhere after a 8 year absence. First off, Peter, welcome back, you look great."
Peter: "Thank you, Franck, it's good to be back... sort of. It's certainly good seeing you again. I've always liked and respected you and considered you the Tony Schiavone of Ticket to Ride."
Franck: "Thank you, Peter, I appreciate that. Is it me or do you have more hair now since the last time we saw you?"
Peter: "I have indeed more hair now, Franck. Last week when I walked off that US map I went straight to a hair clinic and got a hair transplantation. Unfortunately, they botched it right from the start so it's still thin on top and the back. Seems like I'll be picking up that hair trimmer again soon."
Franck: "It still looks ok to me. Let me take a picture of you quick..."

Peter would like to warn everyone for HairTimeIstanbul in Capelle aan den IJssel in The Netherlands and advises them to go to MediPerfect in Hoofddorp instead, where his friend DID have a successful hair transplantation. Peter would also like to say that he is NOT getting paid to say this.

Franck: "So tell us, you and your team won the Nations Cup of 2012 and after that you just disappeared! What happened? Where did you go?"
Peter: "I went to heaven, with the rest of my teammates of Team WASA. GSV3, Olle Boll, Kostas, Geoff, Super Chief... we were all there. There was wine, good food, gorgeous women... Elvis was there and so was Tupac... Every now and then even The Backstreet Boys visited to give a concert... It was beautiful, man, I'm telling you, absolutely beautiful... I had no intention to leave. Ever."
Franck: "Wow, that does sound amazing! But... if you had no intention to leave... why are you back?"
Peter: "I was suddenly cast out of heaven more than a week ago. Naturally, I was very upset about that, so I screamed to the sky, asking 'why, God, why'. The first few hours I was very confused, but eventually the Lord spoke to me. Let me cite to you what he said to me..."

God: "Peter, my son, I have sent you back down there because they need you. People are getting soft. They are getting offended about practically anything nowadays. They riot, they loot, men turn into women and women turn into men... You need to slap some sense into them, like you have always done. Go, my son, insult my people until they grow back a spine!"

Peter: "That's what He said. So I told Him: 'Lord, if this is your will, than I will comply, for I am a God-fearing Republican and a conservative Christian man.' Hence I returned to the US map and lay the smack down on so many legendary Ticket to Ride heinies."
Franck: "Well, it was certainly a big surprise to Eric and me and the millions of viewers at home, no doubt. How do you feel about your grand return to the US map. Was it how you envisioned it?"
Peter: "Franck, I'll be honest, in spite of the ruckus I caused, my grand return fell a bit flat. This, of course, has to do with the timing of it. We are in a global pandemic and there are still no fans allowed near the tracks for safety reasons. No fans means no reactions. So when I stood there in the middle of the map with my steel train, there were no cheers, no boos, no one was throwing drinks at me, there were no 14 year old girls screaming my name and no dads yelling at their daughters that I was too old for them... none of that. I envisioned it to be all pomp and circumstance, but there wasn't any of that. Worst of all, I currently can't return to railroad combat, because of something called JAVA. Apparently, that's not working anymore. I don't know how to fix this. I'm a tea drinker. Coffee is for addicts, not for a straight edge athlete like me."
Franck: "So now what?"
Peter: "I guess I'll just disappear again until there is a sale on Steam. Apparently, I can get Ticket to Ride up and running there and engage in railroad combat again. Until that time, I'm just going to enjoy my life back here on earth, drinking tea and eating canned vegetables."
Franck: "Peter, I wish you all the best. Thank you for this interview."
Peter: "You too, Franck. Until we meet again."

EDIT: In the original title of this interview it said '6 Year Absense'. Peter's last appearance was in 2012. It's 2020 now...

Proof that he still can't count!

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