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WW16 - Band of Brothers Sat, 02 January 2021 00:48
WW16 - Band of Brothers

---------------------START TRANSMISSION----------------------

UPDATE 16/01/'21

The first round of WW16 starts now. All participants get one month to practice the scenario, to arrange a date with their respective opponents and to play their matches. This means we'll celebrate our love for Memoir'44 by starting round 2 on February 14th Very Happy

Please report the result of your encounters by uploading a screenshot of the battle report automatically generate at the end of the battle.

As there are 34 participants, there are 17 matches which will result in 17 winners. Therefore the person who lost with the smallest difference (medals / figurines) will go through to the next round. In case of a tie, luck will decide who goes through.

Round 1 : WW16 R1 "The relief of Bastogne" (by LooneyLlama)

Easy company (and the rest of the 101st Airborne Division) is encircled in and around Bastogne. Should they surrender? "Nuts!" was the bold reply. And the "Battle of the bulge" continued ...

My little niece had great fun while picking the names to form the pairs that will face each other! Here are the pairs :

1 tg37 vs caty 2
3 mrmanley31 vs Danjou 4
5 DoctorSchizzo vs Mastergo - Team du Sud 6
7 Invictus-TEAMDUSUD vs Manu 76 8
9 lucky91 vs KeLian_05 10
11 sampdv vs Jeronimon 12
13 Pizzaz vs Didji 14
15 thina67 vs EMI44 16
17 Artimon vs mariuspdv 18
19 Cpl_Uhl vs Brindavoine 20
21 Snoopmanu vs Gonzalan 22
23 tank commander vs Photios 24
25 Valentin de Ramilies vs deepnet 26
27 Big Taz vs SacaS 28
29 Winn33 vs Mr_Simon 30
31 Zivago vs Titanos 32
33 Misterfunny vs Junior72 34

Remember : The first mentioned player = Player A

Good luck to all! And have fun!

---------------------END TRANSMISSION----------------------

Yes, we love M'44
And ... 4x4 = 16

This can only mean one thing : Let's go back to the roots!
And the best way to do this, is to walk in the footsteps of Easy Compagnie 506th PIR 101st Airborne Division.

Just last week I walked along the original foxholes in Bois Jacques between Bastogne and Foy. A chilling moment ...

And that's why we'll start the WW16 elimination competition with a winter battle around Bastogne.

You're NUTS if you don't participate!

The rules are simple :

* Each round the (remaining) participants are paired at random.

* The participants will face their designated opponent for a 4 leg match :
1) Player A (Allies) - Player B (Axis)
2) Player A (Axis) - Player B (Allies)
3) Player A (Axis) - Player B (Allies)
4) Player A (Allies) - Player B (Axis)

* The winner of the match is determined as follows :
1) The winner is the one who gained the most medals across the four legs of the game.
2) If the medal count is tied, the player who destroyed the most figurines is the winner.
3) If the number of figurines is tied, the player who saved the most Allied infantry is the winner.

* The winners of each round will be paired against each other in the next round. The eliminated players of each round will be paired against each other in the next round.

* The number of rounds played, depends on the number participants.

* The participants will have three weeks to play their games. The four games do NOT have to be played on a single day.

If you want to participate, add an "I'm in" to this thread. Enlisting is possible until 01/06 (January 6th)
Hostilities will start on 01/16 (January 16th)

Participants for WW16 :

Big Taz
Valentin de Ramilies
tank commander
Mastergo - Team du Sud

[Updated on: Sun, 17 January 2021 00:41]

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Re:WW16 - Band of Brothers Sat, 02 January 2021 15:12
VCX1302 / Frederik,

Well, I certainly don’t want to be classified as “NUTS” so count me in!!

And who doesn’t love BoB? And M’44? Difficult to resist.....

Gonzalan / Tony
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Re:WW16 - Band of Brothers Tue, 02 February 2021 00:18
Cpl_Uhl vs Brindavoine

Game 1:
Player Cpl_Uhl (Allies) - Player Brindavoine (Axis)
Medals (figures): 9 (38) - 4 (24)

Game 2:
Player Cpl_Uhl (Axis) - Player Brindavoine (Allies)
Medals (figures): 9 (34) - 8 (32)

Game 3:
Player Cpl_Uhl (Axis) - Player Brindavoine (Allies)
Medals (figures): 9 (30) - 7 (34)

Game 4:
Player Cpl_Uhl (Allies) - Player Brindavoine (Axis)
Medals (figures): 7 (22) - 9 (29)

Medals (figures): 34 (124) - 28 (119)

Four good games vs a nice player. We had some good chats during the attrition battles. With each game we used the cover more and more. Resulting in some trench warefare.

Thanks for the fun and good luck in the comming matches.
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Re:WW16 - Band of Brothers Wed, 10 February 2021 14:07
tank commander - Photios med 30-33 fig 121-115

https://www.daysofwonder.com/memoir44-online/en/battle/?id=9 1957697
tank commander (Allies) - Photios (Axis) med9-6 fig35-25 obj2-2 in 26 turns
35/69 (51%) vs. 25/53 (47%)

Proving that this is a nice map, John won, although I had better cards. I was trying to get the max out of my inf assault and right Assault & DHQ & then armor assault. Just as I thought I was ready in turn 19 (too late obviously) with score at 2-2, John launched a central assault, although he could back it up only with an armor assault. He got only 1 tank, of which he managed to cut off the retreat (I should have seen this), but then he got 2-2-2. Luck favors the bold! In turn 24, he got 4 more with an armor assault, while I only managed to go up to 6 medals, failing to eliminate a single inf with a single dice. Overall John played better and deserved the win. He didn't really need BEL to claim the last objective and win, but it was a good thought to flush me out of the objective and then claim his. Thankfully no flag.

https://www.daysofwonder.com/memoir44-online/en/battle/?id=9 1960437
tank commander (Axis) - Photios (Allies) med8-9 fig31-29 obj3-2 in 26 turns
31/77 (40%) inf 20/34 (59%) amr 11/43 (26%) vs. 29/66 (44%) inf 18/41 (44%) arm 11/25 (44%)
A peculiar game; after seeing replay it turned out that again I had better cards overall, but I was playing tactically especially as John's 59% against infantry forced me to hide my infantry units instead of using my inf assault to place an attack while he still had his tanks. Game finished with John having killed 3 inf units (vs my 4), but I had 3 more units down to 2 figs. John had Dig In from the beginning, so was actually playing with 4 cards. A crucial error with clicking ambush prematurely made me lose my single tank; I had exposed it hoping to ambush his own tank. Did such misclick twice in this game... However my 44% against tanks, counter-balanced my losses, as I eliminated 3 of his tanks with a total of 8 orders. Actually it was 11/22 = 50% as I had 3 overkill dice. So, slowly but methodically thanks to my better cards, I developed a great lead of 8-3, with a barrage in turn 22. But I was running out of cards. So with a central probe I claimed the central objective and attacked a full strength inf at Morvie hoping for a flag. I got 2 kills instead, and were in a poor position, as, if I were losing this 2fig inf I had exposed to Morvie, I would need to attack the 2er in Morvie with a single fig inf guarding my objective in Villeroux hoping for either 2/2 or a flag to get the last medal. Even worse, John has just gotten his 4th really good card in the whole game, a 2-2-2 again. And I was exposed... Even worse another misclick thinking he was attacking me with the tank, while he was attacking with the inf, so I retreated next to the tank allowing for an Armor Assault, gifting him an extra medal. Am I color-blind or what? However he had vacated Morvie, so I just claimed it for a Pyrrhic victory.

Next day (Feb Tue 9th)
We both have learned some lessons. John played his Dig In first and this did pose some difficulty in me; I couldn't perform close assault hoping for flags, so preferred again attrition war. I was determined to avoid stupid mistakes, although I did make one at the end, but without consequences.

https://www.daysofwonder.com/memoir44-online/en/battle/?id=9 2000173#replay:turn=1
tank commander (Axis) - Photios (Allies) med6-9 fig25-34 obj3-2 in 30 turns
25/56 (45%) vs. 34/72 (47%)

Not much to say about this game. John played a total of 6 good cards. I started with 3 lousy ones & inf assault (which I never played to the end) plus right assault (waiting for him to get exposed). However, after getting rid of them in turn 8, I played after turn 16: BEL for the first medal of the game (0-1) / firefight (1-2) / right assault (positioning) / 2-2-2 (2-3) and John at the ropes / Here AI ordered John's TFH (he was out for just a few sec!), but managed to get 2 kills with only 2 orders => I don't think concealing an exposed single inf would have been a better move) / DHQ (4-5) / close assault with 4 orders (4-6) / central assault (5-8) / pincer move to claim Foy objective (6-9)
A really devastating series of 8 cards, and I still had Barrage! A total of 12 good cards.

GAME 4: Me up by 1 medal, John had the figs => winner advances. So far only Allies' wins!!! So omens favor John!
No chance!
tank commander (Allies) - Photios (Axis) med7-9 fig30-27 obj1-3 in 21 turns
30/58 (52%) inf 21/38 (55%) tank 9/20 (45%) vs. 27/60 (45%) inf 19/42 (45%) tank 8/18 (44%)

Again John had only 2 tactic cards; his best card was C/A in my 2-2-2 in turn 16! In turn 10 (no score;0-0), he played his left assault to get rid of it, hoping for the best and attacking my tank at backline (got 2/3, but never killed it in the game). How could he know I had at that point: 2-2-2; BEL; Armor Assault & 2(!!) Right Assaults, which I was thinking how to play, since I had lost Game 1 by 9-6 in this side. Still turn 18 saw John winning by 5-4, as I had expose myself following a fully attacking strategy (and exposing a tank at Allies right; got no kill and lost it easily). A pincer move in turn 19 gave me the lead with 8-5 (claimed 2 objectives) but I forgot to attack his single tank to get the victory! (eventually no tank dice, but why did I attack his full strength inf? I still wonder!) => 5-8 lead. Perhaps because I knew that with BEL, last objective would be a piece of cake. With a DHQ John would have a chance to win! Albeit, only section cards! He did his absolutely best with a central attack to conceal the objective I could easily claim, kill a single and claim his own in Bastogne, but BEL ended everything. He evacuated 1 Bastogne to guard the other, but in vain...

Thanks John for great battles! Wish you retaliate in The League!
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Re:WW16 - Band of Brothers Tue, 02 March 2021 00:02
Strange things happens ... Just when I wanted to post the new scenario and matches, an officier who was MIA just returned to the battlefields.

As I am a very patient person, I will give you (Mastergo and DoctorSchizzo) the rest of the week to play your match.

Deadline : sunday 7/3 at midnight

The matches for the second round will be published on monday 8/3

Good luck to all!
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