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February 2020
  Would you sell it Wed, 27 January 2021 16:40
What would you do if you bought your 16 year old kid a car and they refused to drive it because they didn't like it? Would you sell it and buy them one they like?
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February 2020
Re:Would you sell it Wed, 03 February 2021 11:10
My first car was a 1973 Plymouth Satellite Sebring that had belonged, in order, to my grandfather who bought it new, then my aunt and her husband, then my dad who bought it from my aunt for me and my younger sister to use. He bought it in 1983 and fixed it. In 1984 when I got my license I started driving it then my sister and I shared it. When she learned to drive a manual she got a different car and I kept driving the car. Eventually my parents gave it to me outright and I drove it as my sole car until 1989 when I traded it back to them for a 1984 Chevrolet Celebrity wagon they had inherited from my grandmother. I was grateful to have had the car because I couldn’t afford to buy a new one as I was in college AND had a small child. My then husband was in the Navy but we didn’t have much money so having a car that we didn’t have to make payments on was a big deal.

The point is, it’s a gift. If your kid doesn’t want it, take it back, sell it, and then do whatever you wish with the money. You can give it to them to use for transportation aka bus fare, Uber, etc or you can keep it for yourself. You are not obligated to buy them a car. Sometimes people don’t appreciate something until they have to earn it themselves. My parents philosophy and mine when I bought my daughter her first car was you get one shot at a “free” car. After that it’s your responsibility to make sure you can get where you need to be.
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February 2020
Re:Would you sell it Wed, 03 February 2021 11:54
Sell it. I am pretty sure you can get some good money for it. These guys we damaged cars and provide an excellent service by the way. Their entire process is centered around delivering this elevated service experience with a maximum monetary benefit. Hope it can help. Cheers Cool
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