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WW16 - Band of Brothers - Round 2 Sun, 14 March 2021 22:53
Round 2 : WW16 R2 "Attack on Foy" (by Vercingetorix1302)

After several weeks of tough combat on the Bastogne perimeter, the Allies finally succeed in breaking the Axis offensive. Hitler's dream of retaking Antwerp was shattered in the Ardennes forests.

Now the Allies are taking the initiative and they have to push the Axis back to the East. For the men of Easy Company this means they have to liberate the small village Foy ...

Round 2 :
The names of the 17 winners of the first round and the "best" defeated player (Titanos) have been dropped into a big hat ... These matches were generated by drawing the names one at a time ...

SacaS vs Invictus-TEAMDUSUD
Cpl_Uhl vs Zivago
Artimon vs Didji
mrmanley31 vs Junior72
sampdv vs caty
Snoopmanu vs KeLian_05
deepnet vs DoctorSchizzo
EMI44 vs Titanos
Photios vs Winn33

And these are the matches for the defeated players from round 1:

Manu 76 vs Brindavoine
Jeronimon vs Valentin de Ramilies
thina67 vs Big Taz
Misterfunny vs lucky91
mariuspdv vs tg37
tank commander vs Danjou
Gonzalan vs Mr_Simon
Pizzaz vs Mastergo - Team du Sud

* The first named player is "Players A"

* Please remember that each matches consists of 4 battles on the same scenario :
1) Player A (Allies) - Player B (Axis)
2) Player A (Axis) - Player B (Allies)
3) Player A (Axis) - Player B (Allies)
4) Player A (Allies) - Player B (Axis)

* The winner will be the player who ...
1) Has won the most medals across the four battles.
2) In case of a tie, the player who destroyed the most figurines will be the winner.
3) In case both medals and figurines tie, the player who saved the most Allied infantry will be the winner.

* You have three weeks for playing your matches of round 2. Please remember that all 4 games do NOT have to be played at the same day!

* Please use this thread to post your results.

Good luck to all! And have a great time!
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Re:WW16 - Band of Brothers - Round 2 Wed, 17 March 2021 16:15
Oh mighty leader of WW16, vanquisher of Romans and other assorted riffraff, and Nemesis of myself (Vea Victis!), I have a question.

The question is caused by my not grasping other languages than the beautiful Dutch that is spoken in the Netherlands. Wink

In French it says: Les 4 parties ne doivent PAS se dérouler sur une seule journee!
My opponent in th first round (who beat me fair and square) informed me this means we MAY NOT play all the games on the same day but MUST play them on different days.

However the English states that: "Please remember that all 4 games do NOT have to be played at the same day!" Which means, in my humble opinion, that all game must not but MAY be played on the same day.

So, can we play four games on the same day or must we spread them out over at least to days?
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Re:WW16 - Band of Brothers - Round 2 Mon, 05 April 2021 22:57
Cpl_Uhl vs Zivago

Game 1:
Cpl_Uhl (Allies) - Zivago (Axis)
Medals (figures): 6 (16) - 3 (15)

Cpl_Uhl (Axis) - Zivago (Allies)
Medals (figures): 2 (18) - 6 (22)

Cpl_Uhl (Axis) - Zivago (Allies)
Medals (figures): 5 (31) - 6 (19)

Cpl_Uhl (Allies) - Zivago (Axis)
Medals (figures): 6 (18) - 3 (15)

Medals (figures): 19 (83) - 18 (71)

Every game the Allied stormed the city with one or two inf assaults. From there they pushed on to the objective. Only the fourth game was cautious as it took some time for the allies to advance. Used the cover on the right flank to advance and avoid the fight for some time, then bring the fight to the center.

David thank you for playing. It were 4 great games. More luck for you next time I see you (Hopefully the DO Smile).
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Re:WW16 - Band of Brothers - Round 2 Mon, 05 April 2021 23:19
In regards to the amount of games played on one single day : The four battles (=two scenarios back and forth) may be played on one single day. But since not all players can free their time scedule for several hours in a row, I wanted to make clear that the 4 games can be spread out over several days. Although I do suggest you play the scenario's from both sides back to back, if time allows.

So, any time arrangements between the two opposing players is fine by me. Just make sure you have a "wonderful time" Very Happy

As always : good luck and have fun!
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Re:WW16 - Band of Brothers - Round 2 Tue, 06 April 2021 08:29
Thanks for your prompt answer. Smile
tank commander
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Re:WW16 - Band of Brothers - Round 2 Thu, 08 April 2021 16:33
Tank Commander vs Danjou


Game 1:Tank Commander Allies) 2 (11) vs Danjou (Axis) 6 (28)

I had intended to use my INF ASSAULT and CENTER ASSAULT but by the time I setup to use them my center infantry was shot to pieces with four being wounded and one killed off as the German fire did not miss very often. I could only kill off the forward center infantry. I tried BARRAGE on the panzer on my right but only got 1 hit. A German COUNTEWR ATTACK did not fair any better on my left tank with one hit too. Over the next several turns five attacks with a total of 12 dice missed the 1 fig panzer and I kept losing units. On my last turn I made attacks to try and bag a few medals. I did manage to take a MG infantry but missed on that 1 fig panzer for the last time and a 3d attack on the panzer on my left also completely missed. This lead to one of my infantry being cutoff and killed to end the game. There was great despair in the Allied camp after this totally one sided contest.

The Germans fired off 51 to my 33 and the hit rate was 55 to 33 in favor of the German side. My 5% hit rate on the German tanks was telling. 4337587

Game 2:Tank Commander (Axis) 6 (22) vs Danjou (Allies) 5 (19)

The Allies start out poorly with their attacks on the forward center infantry. Although AMBUSH did mange to kill off that unit with only one US infantry lost in return. A US BARRAGE took out one of my panzers. The a key moment came where in the span of three turns the US ordered 21 units with two CENTER ASSAULTs and a DHQ. The Allies flooded the center with their units and the key was if my arty which I had placed in the church could hold out. The Allies had gotten the better of things and killed off two infantry, my sniper and my last panzer to lead 5 to 3. My two unit INF ASSAULT picked off tow 1 fig Allied units in the center. An Allied MOVE OUT kept the pressure on but could not get that last medal. My three infantry TFH then bagged another infantry for this close win. If my arty had fallen this would have been an Allied win.

The Allies got off 59 shots to my 49 but I had the higher hit rate of 45 to 32 which was the key factor. With more even results here the Allies prevail. 4338475

RESULTS tank commander / danjou
1-1 games 8-11 medals 33-47 figures


Game 1:Tank Commander (Axis) 6 (23) vs Danjou (Allies) 4 (17)

The Allies get off to a very good start. I have no way to move the panzer on my left and it is killed off by an infantry with a 2d attack. BEL then bags a 3 fig infantry in the town on my left and the Allied lead 2 to 1. The Allies then press an attack in the center. I lose two infantry but kill off three infantry in return to lead 5 to 4. Once again my arty has been moved to the church so once again the Allies try to take it out but fail. My ARTY BOMBARD kills off an infantry next to the church to end the game at 6 to 4.

I fire off 36 shots to only 28 for the Allies with the hit rate for both sided being close (64 to 61). 4339468

Game 2:Tank Commander (Allies) 6 (21) vs Danjou (Axis) 3 (18)

I trail in medals 14 to 15 and each prior game has been won by the Germans so I do not hold high hopes to prevail here.

My initial attack in the center and on my right kills off the panzer and the forward center infantry. My TFH does little damage. The Germans have bagged two of my infantry and lead 3 to 2. But over the next two turns I bag two more infantry. I lose another infantry but then move into the recently vacated church to claim that medal which gives me the 5 to 3 lead. I have BARRAGE in hand and there is a 1 fig German infantry on the baseline, so if I can hold onto the church I should claim the win in my next turn. But my infantry suffers a double flag result and must leave the church. But my INF ASSAULT with my four center infantry gets me the church medal and finishes off a 2 fig German infantry to win 6 to 3. 4340085

RESULTS tank commander / danjou
2-0 games 12-7 medals 44-35 figures

OVERALL RESULTS tank commander / danjou
3-1 games 20-18 medals 77-82 figures

After game 1 I was in serious trouble and in game 2 nearly got hammered with the massive Allied center attack. With lesser cards and dice, I would have easily lost that game and the hole I was in would have been considerably deeper.

Even then going into the last game I had to win as the side which had lost all three games before. So I had to have a lot of things go right to win here and just so.

As always, a tough challenge vs a top opponent and one which I thought would win over me. I do think he played better than me and made great use of the situation at hand.

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