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Edward McBride
Junior Member

Posts: 24
May 2021
What do you need to renovate your home? Tue, 03 August 2021 17:28
How much money do you need for repairs? Why did you start renovating your home? The only thing I know is that it is important to draw up a repair plan for the repair and calculate the cost of these works and building materials.
Bernard Harrison
Junior Member

Posts: 6
June 2021
Re:What do you need to renovate your home? Tue, 03 August 2021 22:51
Do you do the remnants yourself or do you use the services of professionals? I understand that it will be more expensive, but instead of separating each step into a separate process and dealing with different parties, a professional custom home builder will handle everything. From kitchen layout and appliances to the number of bedrooms and living room decor, the choice is entirely yours.
Junior Member

Posts: 7
August 2021
Re:What do you need to renovate your home? Wed, 04 August 2021 11:04
Good afternoon. I agree that if you decide to do a remont, then you need to start as soon as possible, before your desire disappears). I now declare a reomn tv in the kitchen and did not know which is better to choose a regular osb or moisture resistant mdf. But I consulted in the online store and bought all the necessary materials I found on the https://sheetmaterialswholesale.co.uk/sheet-materials/mdf/mo isture-resistant-mdf/. The prices on the Internet are really lower, and the quality is just great!
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