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  Forsaken are mathematically stronger than every other race Mon, 05 April 2021 19:37
Hi, I had some problems while playing Small World of Warcraft. For reference, I played 5 games since I bought it, and in everyone of them the Forsaken heavily damaged the flow of the game. Let me explain why, and how they are mathematically overpowered in almost every situation.

First let me start of with a description of the core flow of the game. The players chose a race, deploy it to the board and try to use it to conquer as much regions and objectives (represented by Artifacts/Legendary Places or regions who grants benefits to races/skills) until they are widely spread, and then put the race in decline (exposing it for one turn) and choosing another one next turn.

The effect of the forsaken race make decline useless for them, since they can easily resurrect tokens, never running low on them and therefore not needing a restock. You might say that every race has its perk, and that is true, but how can there be both the Draenei and the Forsaken while still be balanced? While it’s hard to quantify the power of a racial effect we can compare this two (while keeping in mind that Draenei are also one of the better races, albeit not overpowered).

The Draenei can prevent one unit from dying every turn, this cut their losses making the player able to retain them much longer. This is a defensive trait, and it’s useless if the enemies don’t attack the Draenei player, but it’s still good if they hold an objective. This sums up to 1 extra token alive every turn.
The Forsaken on the other end can bolster their forces by gaining 1 extra token after every attack (or more in the case of tauren/intimidating) at the cost of 1 victory point. The cost is irrelevant, since points are generated by tokens in the long run they’ll always catch up, and the fact that the player can reach up to 20 forsaken on the board is rather nonsensical.

The counterplay on 1v1 is non-existent, because either you concentrate all your units in one spot, not making points but not letting the enemy generate tokens, or you play normally, getting overwhelmed in few turns. In 3,4 and 5 players you can counter them, but it creates a bad “bash the leader” situation that makes the game not fun for neither the forsaken player nor the other players. An obvious fix would be limiting the effect to once a turn, even removing the cost, making it effectively similar to the draenei one but more offensive, or upping the cost to 2, although that just make the forsaken player lose the game by spending money, still making it worse for everyone.

The other fix would be limiting the amount of Forsaken you can raise to the number of tokens you had at the start, it’s not ideal, but it’s the most elegant solution.

I’d love for you to consider this because I and a lot of people really love the game AND the theme, and this is the most common problem reported about the game. A lot of players really dislikes home rules, and this kinda forces them.
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Re:Forsaken are mathematically stronger than every other race Tue, 13 April 2021 22:47
I think the easiest (and most elegant) fix would be to limit their power to active races. Have you tried that?
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Re:Forsaken are mathematically stronger than every other race Fri, 24 December 2021 21:16
I think forsaken is overpowered in 1v1. Play without them when playing 1v1.

A weakness is that conquering one of their regions permanently puts one of their tokens in the tray, unless they have a power to avoid this. Thus that cannot get that token back, slowly reducing their maximum number of tokens.

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