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Enumerating ways that Tüff-Tüff cheats Thu, 02 June 2022 22:05
I'm creating this thread both as a warning to other players who still bother to read here occassionally, despite DoW essentially abandoning digital TTR oversight, as well as documentation for DoW should they ever bother to start paying attention again.

Before the chat was shut down in the Steam app last year, the techniques by which Tüff-Tüff cheats was regularly shared there, and most regulars were aware. By "cheat" I mean creating situations which allowed him/her/it to "win" nearly every time, requiring almost no skill, & artificially inflate their score in to be ranked #1

The two methods I'm aware that he uses (I have fallen victim to myself):

1. Creating 15-day length games, then delaying first move(s) in hopes other player(s) will join without noticing length & then abandon when he doesn't start playing.
2. Using alternate "sacrificial" accounts in order to control multiple players in the same game, these other accounts focus on blocking the REAL opponents, allowing the "Tüff-Tüff" account to cull points from the suckers.

I think when it first started cheating it may have relied on just #1, but as more people got wise to this -- especially higher ranked ones, the ones that had enough points to be worth defrauding -- it switched more to #2 and/or a combination of the two methods. In other words it would create games with the "sacrificial" accounts, real players would join to play them, and then it would swoop in with the Tuff-Tuff account as well.

These are the accounts I've personally confirmed he also controls:
1. Euromaster
2. player2491340

If others observe other controlled accounts, please add in replies.

BTW I actually feel some pity for this individual. What a sad existence it must live, putting all this effort into creating an artificial, anonymous ranking that has no monetary benefit, and all regular players know is bogus. Who is it trying to impress, is it self-deluding itself that it is a good player? I personally can vouch it is not, as during the middle of the 15-day trap I got caught in, the Euromaster account joined one of my 7-minute, 2-player games, presumably to evaluate how I played, once it was clear I was going to try to finish that game. I've only crept into top ten of rankings a couple times, briefly, but I absolutely destroyed Euromaster in that game, it made some pretty dumb moves. I think it has been so focused on the tag-team cheating approach that it has forgotten how to even competently play a fair game, lol
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Re:Enumerating ways that Tüff-Tüff cheats Fri, 17 June 2022 23:53
Just lost a game on purpose; he's not #1 anymore. Laughing
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