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May 2020
SwiftGod is a cheat Mon, 02 January 2023 09:11
SwiftGod just cheated against me, timed out when losing and somehow got my full time to timeout immediately and abandon the game. Explains their karma
swiftgod is cheetah
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May 2015
Re:SwiftGod is a cheat Thu, 05 January 2023 13:46
They are. He did exactly the same to me last week, I thought it was a game glitch, then he did it to me again this week, same method. Played him again and he did it the third time.
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December 2011
Re:SwiftGod is a cheat Fri, 20 January 2023 09:26
he just do the same with me...Swiftgod is a pure cheater
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