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Vassal Ladder - Come join us for Round 91 Wed, 25 January 2023 02:22
The Ladder is getting ready for Round 91, and we'd be happy to welcome more players to join.

We play on Vassal, and we use scenarios that can't be played in BGA. For the new round, our scenario will be "[Indochina] Ambush at Houei Houn." French vs Japanese, and all of the French units begin the battle camouflaged (and they have French Army rules). It’s a jdrommel scenario from the 2015 French Open.

It should be fun.

To join, please reply to this thread or Geekmail me.


PS - Round 92 will be the Winter Wars version of "Relief of Peiper," with Combat cards.

[Updated on: Wed, 25 January 2023 02:24]

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