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glitching gamers Thu, 05 January 2023 22:37
I got in a game this morning with Grave Eminenz(1800+) and Spieler2515567(1500+). They were clearly working together and blocked my every move. No big deal, give them credit for figuring out my routes and blocking me, part of the game. The glitch was this: the game was set for 15 minutes and none of us dropped below 14:54 on the clock the entire game. The fourth player quit and was replaced by a robot. I finished with no completed routes and actually added 1.3 points to my rank. How were these two able to not have the clock running during the game? Grave was the creator of the game.
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Re:glitching gamers Tue, 14 March 2023 16:47
I didn't look to closely at a game I joined hosted by player2491340. Wouldn't you know it it was a ten hour game. My mistake, I waited them out till they had no choice but to play. Graue eminenz and player2491340 teamed up and barely beat me. Sneaky conmen hoping to get players to quit and runup there score. Didn't work and Graue eminenez lost points and I came out ahead 5 points. One on one in a 7 minute game I could beat either one. They are not that good... By the way it took about 16 hours to play the game.
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