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Second heroic action after victorious quest? Wed, 28 December 2005 07:49
I have a question and couldn't find the answer in the rulebook nor the forum, although I'm quite sure that I read about it somewhere. Confused

Whenever a quest is won, the effects of the quest's victory are applied (white swords, life points, white cards, ...). In addition all knights present on the quest, are immediately sent back to Camelot. According to the questbook this is 'with no Action cost'.

Is the knight, who finished the quest with the last missing white card, still on turn? Can he sacrifice one life point in Camelot in exchange for a second (= different) heroic action, for example, in order to move immediately to another quest or to play a special white card. Can he also still use his special power?

Thanks for your help! Rolling Eyes

EDIT: I've got an answer in the german forum. The knight is still on turn an can sacrifice a life point to do another heroic action.

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Re:Second heroic action after victorious quest? Thu, 05 January 2006 13:33

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