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First Lieutenant

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Hire Students/Schedule Meeting Times/Have Tournaments Mon, 27 February 2006 18:59
I realize that the online versions of the games don't generate much cash for DoW, but you may consider hiring students or people from countries with struggling economies to play on Queen's Necklace and Fist of Dragonstones.

I am a programmer, and I cannot imagine coding a bot for Queen's Necklace -- just too many permutations and strategies to consider.

But even having two or three people available (total for both) for a few hours a day would likely get some activity going in these games. With luck this would generate some self-sustaining interest. Likely you could get volunteers if you offered time on the site as a perk.

Another option would be to schedule some events -- announce that QN or FoD is having a game-festival during certain hours of a certain day so that those of us who do play will arrive at about the same time. You may consider bringing in a mini-celebrity such as one of the game inventors, or an artist, programmer, or forum moderator to catch people's attention. Harrison Ford would work too, but may be harder to contact.

Here's my final recommendation. Mini-tournaments. March 5th through the 11th is Queen's Necklace week, and the player who scores the highest rank or score for just-that-week gets a repro of one of the pieces of artwork from the game with the game creator's and artist's signature attached and a blurb indicating that they won the tourney. An inexpensive prize, cheap to deliver worldwide, but a nice piece of bragging rights.

The next month it could be FoD or Gang of Four. It would give players a good reason to try the other games on the site.

Anyone else have some ideas?


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