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Traitor Guilt Wed, 11 January 2006 20:43
I played Shadows Over Camelot last night and I was the traitor for the first time. Due to good cards and a good group of players, who are very trusting, I was won the game pretty easily. Now here's the thing...

I feel guilty. I did what I was supposed to do. I was the traitor. (insert evil laughing and moustache twirling here)

But come on, the game is pretty difficult on it's own, without having me there putting Grail cards face down on the Excalibur quest.

Should the traitor feel a sense of accomplishment? Everyone else was pretty bummed. I was kind of rooting for them, while I was loading the battlefield with Siege Engines.

Has anyone else felt 'Traitor Guilt'? Is there a support group for this somewhere?

If I submitted this to Ann Landers, what do you think she would do with this?

-Sulking in My Empty Camelot
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Re:Traitor Guilt Wed, 11 January 2006 21:52
The only game I've played as the traitor I played as the ideal loyal knight the whole time. It's just that everything the knights did screwed themselves. They were crushed left and right by horrible draws and whatnot, so I had no problem ending their misery by putting the twelfth siege engine out.

Of course, I played a game with six of my friends, and before any swords got out there were a couple of free accusations made, so later on we only had five knights to choose from. Toward the end of the game, I had a masterful plan to win the game. So, I had the person in front of me accuse me just to show that I was loyal and that my plan would help us (the one sword turned over wasn't going to hurt us). I accused someone who I though was the traitor but actually wasn't, but it was still fine. The rest of my plan hinged on the last two people completing a quest and winning for us. However, it also hinged on one person not being the traitor. Turns out, he was, and we lost. Everyone elected (after much debate) to go along with my plan, so the traitor got to gloat and say I won the game for him. I should have had much more remorse, but didn't, really.

Usually, the traitor has no remorse, but any of the knights who thought he was loyal feel crushed, like our King Arthur, who did much good trading with the traitor, did.

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Re:Traitor Guilt Thu, 12 January 2006 13:58
If your group find that the game "is hard enough on its own" then I suggest you play without the Traitor until the players have learned to beat the game.

If you played by the rules I don't understand why you feel guilt - as one would expect each player to do his best to win the game...
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Re:Traitor Guilt Sun, 05 March 2006 03:30
I paid fifty for the game, and the first night we played I got the traitor card BOTH TIMES. I mean, jeeze, I wanted to get on the team and make it happen but my job was to stop everyone. Needless to say, the first game I won easily because no one had any clue how to win. But the second game they had a fighting chance -- until I accused someone else of being the traitor, threw the hero card on a hopeless quest and added the 11th siege engine to the field all in one turn. That one hurt a bit.

If you feel bad being the traitor, good for you. But play the role for all it's worth so when they beat you they can take real pride in it. If you don't give it your best shot it casts a shadow over their win.


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