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Lots of questions Sun, 19 March 2006 11:08
Hi !
Having some questions i´d like to have answered/confirmed if possible. We in the family (4 people) have played this game a couple of times and so far, we have´nt had any big troubles winning. We are quite unsure on some issues. We must have missed something or are just good att talking to eachother and agreeing to what has to be done. We don´t use traitor yet, must learn more first
1. On the "Coat of Arms-card" it says that during the Heroic Action you can do one thing ORanother. In the FAQ i downloaded, it says i can do several things, as long as it is different actions. What is correct?
2.a)During a solo quest, i have understood that i can´t "go back" and get more fight cards, so i must have all cards with me when i start the quest (or sent to me during the quest). Correct?
b)During a group quest, i can leave to get more fight cards as long as it it at least one knight left at the quest?
3. Even if i have all cards for the quest, i can only play one per turn, and not play "3 of a kind" directly?
4. If i move between Camelot and Sieges, its not a move, and i can then (depening on the answer on question 1) i can move to another quest?

Many thanks in advance

Luke the Flaming
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Re:Lots of questions Sun, 19 March 2006 14:31
NOTE: SoC is heavily dependant on "table talk". If you talk too much (revealing things like "I can do a war if someone starts it", i.e. you're saying that you've a straight except the "1"), the game becomes very easy (and is ruined a lot, in my opinion).

1) After your Evil Phase, you can do ONE Heroic Action (choosen between: moving, "questing" - that usually means playing a card appropriate to the Quest you're facing, playing a Special card, healing, accusing). Then you may "sacrifice yourself", that means: you lose one Life Point and you do another Heroic Action (but it must be DIFFERENT from the one you did earlier). Besides, you can use your Special Power ONCE (before of after your action or sacrfice), but always respecting that all your actions must be different (e.g. if you are Sir Glahad, you can play a Special card with your Power, then do an action and then sacrifice to do an extra action, but they must be different from each other and both cannot be "play a Special card").

2a) When you leave a Solo Quest, all the White cards (but not the Black ones!) are discarded.

2b) You can all leave and the cards (both White and Black) will stay there (note that they're all removed if the Evil wins the Quest).
Try to read again the Book of Quests (the initial pages explain all these rules) if you have still doubts.

3) Right. Read answer 1, above.

4) You do NOT move betweeen Camelot and the siege area (Camelot is special as "questing" there can mean either attacking a catapult or drawing two cards). So you could "quest" (attacking a catapult) and then (sacrfificing yourself, i.e. paying a Life Point) move to a Quest.

Have fun! Smile
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Re:Lots of questions Sun, 19 March 2006 23:10
Hi, Luke is correct, just follow his explanations! Thumbs Up

There's only one point I'd like to add... Rolling Eyes

The_Real_Llama schrieb am Sun, 19 March 2006 11:08

During a group quest, i can leave to get more fight cards as long as it it at least one knight left at the quest?

There's no need to leave a knight on a group quest. Even if the last knight leaves the quest, the played white cards will stay at the group quest. That's the difference to a solo quest, where the white cards are discarded, when the knight has to leave.
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