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October 2002
  We need you. Mon, 27 January 2003 16:01

The beta-test is almost finished, and there are a few bugs we can't reproduce on our test systems.

Especially the slowness while playing bug which seems to occur on Internet Explorer with the Micro$oft VM.

We need your help: if you experience this problem, please do the following:

  1. Setup IE to enable java console:
    In the 'Tools' menu -> 'Internet Options' -> Advanced and check the 3 java relative checkboxes (namely logging, java console, and JIT)
  2. Restart fully IE by closing all its open windows.
  3. Connect to Gang of Four Online.
  4. Play until the game seems really slower than at the beginning.
  5. Open the Java Console (in the view menu), select this new window in order that it is topmost:

    1. Press the 'm' key.
    2. Press the 'g' key.
    3. Press the 'm' key.
    4. Press the 'f' key.
    5. Press the 'm' key.
    6. Press the 't' key.

  6. Select the console output and send it to If you can't select the console output, just try to find the javalog.txt file which might be in c:\windows\java or similar.

Thanks for your help !
Happy game !
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