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October 2003
just a thanks to days of wonder Sat, 13 December 2003 01:28
i just wanted to say that i love your games.
i have pirate's cove and queen's necklace and a frend of me has gang of four and fist of the dragonstone's.
we have a small group of players, about 5 hardcore gamers and some people who play with us sometimes.
so judt keep up the good work and hopefully we can enjoy a new game produced by you all.

-= Crew =-

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October 2002
Re:just a thanks to days of wonder Thu, 18 December 2003 21:17

Thanks for the kind words. We set out trying to create games that people really felt good about owning, so I'm glad you and your friends enjoy them. I am concerned however, it sounds like no one in your group owns Mystery of the Abbey! What's up with that? Smile

Also, our new card game Terra ships next week. Check it out under the Games menu.
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