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May 2006
  my plans with the scenario editor. Wed, 28 June 2006 20:35
now that i have filanny got the scenario editor, heres what im plannkng to make in the future. PLEASE DO NOT STEAL MY IDEAS!
some of these may already be out by the time you read this.

1. the [bonin] series. Cool
help the americans conquer the bonin islands in this 4 episode series!

2. zombie attack! Shocked
can you survive the amazing wrath of the zombies? can you destroy the graveyard before they destroy you? i had fun making this one.

5. the road to war. Rolling Eyes
this will be a fun game that will use every road piece in the terrain pack.

4. the [moscow] series. Surprised
the germans are headed for moscow. will the soviets be able to protect it? or will betrayal destroy them. this series will have at least 9 episodes, and this will be the longest series out of all the scenarios from the front.

5. the challenge scenarios. Twisted Evil
are most scenarios too easy for you? are you a champion memoir 44 player? then try these scenarios! these are designed for champions. they start easy, but they get harder and harder. . . it will have at least 5 levels.
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