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Brian Sinclair
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December 2004
  This game is VERY Underated! Wed, 21 June 2006 12:54
I played my first 4 games of Queens Necklace and find it very underated. The game has so many ways to win and the artwork is fantastic.

Playing online I don't understand why more from the US don't play. Nothing against anyone from Europe but the time difference doesn't allow me to have many opponents when I have more time to play.

Kudos to DOW and the Bruno's for a great game.

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January 2006
Re:This game is VERY Underated! Wed, 28 June 2006 14:56
I love it, but am a full-time grad student, full-time parent, part-time teacher.

No time left!
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January 2005
Re:This game is VERY Underated! Fri, 30 June 2006 19:29
Days of Wonder would do well to try to herd Queen's Necklace players into particular times so that more are available to play. They could offer some trinket for a door prize for people who's ID registers a game in the specified windows. It's an excellent game -- it's just hard to find players.

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November 2005
Re:This game is VERY Underated! Tue, 25 July 2006 20:06
QN & Fist of Dragons are cool games

Many people complain at lack of BOTS etc.

Worldwide game played mostly by French & German players
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January 2005
  Re:This game is VERY Underated! Fri, 22 September 2006 22:54
I agree before there was a Whole lot of them Cool
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October 2004
Re:This game is VERY Underated! Tue, 26 September 2006 00:15
I also agree with you all. I just bought the game and started playing. It is a challenge to find 3 players to play the off line game and a challenge to play online.

I noticed that Americans don't play much online and therefore by the time evening hits on the West Coast there is no one to play with anymore. Seems like daytime during the weekend is best to catch the Europeans.
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November 2006
Re:This game is VERY Underated! Thu, 23 November 2006 00:02
Hi everyone,

I'd like to play QN and dragonstones with you.

I speak english and french and my timezone is GMT -10 (like hawaï) as I leave in Tahiti (French Polynesia).

I may be around in the evening(6pm -10 pm) during business days and between 8am-10pm on week-ends.


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