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G7 womble
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December 2004
Unfair playing - poor loser Sat, 02 September 2006 12:32
Dear all,

a couple of minutes ago I witnessed something unbelievable...
FredFreizeit was obviously losing his game versus Rogue and therefore decided the would just insult his opponent and simply refuse to continue playing. When the Bot came in Rogue waited (!!!!) for Fred to return....

This, dear FredFreizeit, is no behaviour at all. This is a GAME... lose with honor or simply don't play.

OLE sebbo
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March 2005
Re:Unfair playing - poor loser Sat, 02 September 2006 12:56
I saw the game too....

You should stop playing here Fred, go play candyland [sic!].


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September 2005
Re:Unfair playing - poor loser Sat, 02 September 2006 14:07
FredFreizeit's player id is #231299, in case he changes the nick. Goes on my ignore list. I hope the DOW gets "Don't let the players on your ignore list join your games" option ready soon. Even better would be that one could get banned for delibaterately delaying the game. There are too many cry-babies ruining this game for the rest of us out there.

- Pacmon

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October 2005
Re:Unfair playing - poor loser Sat, 02 September 2006 15:47
I have seen this game, too !! It was unbelievable... Luckily he forgot to make a point after a while and got out of the game Laughing Laughing Laughing

womble you're right!! What a poor loser you are fred !!!
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