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2nd best nation Sun, 12 November 2006 15:43
I think we need a semifinals/finals between the 4 non-german teams that got knocked out of the NC to see who is the 2nd best Nation!!!

Like in some alternate reality where all the German teams lost!

FS v. Austria
HS v. Red TGV

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Re:2nd best nation Sun, 12 November 2006 16:25

I think this is a good idea!

Play the places 5 to 8.

But play only Best of 3 and maybe only Best of 3 for matches too. In this case only the players that want to play this "useless" games can join.

We have more games between good players to watch and it adds fun for the last 2 weeks.

bye, erps

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Re:2nd best nation Sun, 12 November 2006 17:11
Totally irrelevant. We all weren't good enough, screwed up, or - as you wish - were unlucky. Four German teams beat the shit out of us in all fairness. Even though this might not be good for NC, it is between them now. The other teams have become irrelevant. Better luck next year. Smile

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Re:2nd best nation Sun, 12 November 2006 19:17
Personally for me there is no need for that... But if others would like to do that, of course our team will be in Wink

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Re:2nd best nation Mon, 20 November 2006 08:45
This is not a double elimination tourney. You win you play, you lose you don't. Maybe the next format will be different. What it does say though is that many enjoyed the competition.
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