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February 2006
When is the website coming back up? Sat, 04 November 2006 15:17
I was planning on purchasing either Citadels or Fist of Dragonstones - or both! But I wanted to compare the rulesets first. The site here is down. Anywhere that I have looked for rules, references me back to DOW's site. Any idea when it will be back up? Or does someone have teh rules that I can read before comitting to one game or the other?

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November 2006
Re:When is the website coming back up? Thu, 23 November 2006 00:19
I've got both games and I (and my group) enjoy Citadels more than Dragonstones.

But if you like bidding games, dragonstone is nice.
You should even play with the "Bidding variations" from the author's web site
http://www.faidutti.com/index.php?Module=mesjeux&id=332& amp; amp;fichier=151
You'll also find the rules there.

You will find many reviews at http://www.boardgamegeek.com/

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