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Composite Rankings 11/26/2006 Mon, 27 November 2006 11:03
I was curious who was playing different maps and such and decided to post initial results.

I want to do 2 different rankings.

First one is Composite Ranking which is merely your 2-Player Rank + your Multi-Player Rank (not rating, but rank since its easier to get a higher 2 player rating). Lower number is obviously better. Doesn't matter what maps you play on, but you need to play both 2 player and multi player to be on the list.

Second ranking is Map Ranking. This is a mix of all the maps (USA, Europe, Swiss, 1910, 1910 Mega, 1910 Big Cities). Not enough people have played the new 1910 maps, so this Rank is rather meaningless right now, and I didn't bother to calculate anything yet.

I only looked at the top 150 players in each of the categories. Turns out only 16 people rank in the top 150 on both the 2 Player and MultiPlayer rankings.

Composite Ranking 11/26/2006
(2Player Rank + MultiPlayer Rank)

1 (24) DrakeStorm
2 (28) Kotay
3 (52) Angel6
4 (55) dea1
5 (84) tchanet
6 (94) Wernerus
7 (101) Davidb9
8 (115) Hecki
9 (124) mesaieux
10 (137) Peter de Zeeuw
11 (137) psteinx
12 (157) Baron von Spudbeater
13 (162) spudamon
14 (175) maalm
15 (196) taurus1
16 (216) SchwyzerToni

I didn't expect to see myself on the top, but I guess alot of people still care about their obsolete overall ranking and don't play multiplayer.

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