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Tactic's Card - Colored Banners Wed, 27 December 2006 08:30
Ok so I just got the game for christmas and we played out first game yesterday, and I just finished my second a little while ago and a question in regards to the tactics banner cards came up.

The card reads " For each command card you have, including this one, issue an order to 1 (set color) banner unit."

So at first glance we played this card by counting the command cards and issuing orders to that many units of that color. Now though, I'm not sure I have that right. Should we instead be counting up our command cards and issuing that amount of orders to 1 unit of that color.

These cards could be fairly powerful if thats the case because in Argincourt 1495 the english have 6 command cards so that would imply that you get to give 6 orders to 1 unit. It would be fairly handy to get your slow moving red banner foot units around to a place where there more needed.

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Re:Tactic's Card - Colored Banners Wed, 27 December 2006 09:14
You issue an order to x number of units of the appropriate colour.

X is your command level, or basically how many cards your allowed to hold in your hand.

Nothing to crazy here. Generally, don't read more into the rules then are there.

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Re:Tactic's Card - Colored Banners Wed, 27 December 2006 10:26
It happens the same with all the command cards which say "Order units equal to Command". I got the same question about them the other day when introducing the game to my opponent.

It is as shrkre says. Read again the yellow box in page 11.
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Re:Tactic's Card - Colored Banners Wed, 27 December 2006 14:15
Page 13:

"You may only give one order to each unit during the course of a single game turn."

So 6 command cards = 6 orders. Since a unit can only receive one order, you have to give those orders to 6 different units.

If you have less units than orders, "those additional orders are lost."
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