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Bit of Confusion Re: Figures Thu, 15 February 2007 18:30
I bought my first copy of Battlelore about a month ago, give or take a week, then last week I went online and ordered the replacement dice and the Earth Elemental.

Yesterday, I bought a copy as a birthday present for a friend, and the store gave me one with the Hill Giant in its blister taped to the outside of the box.

Someone just told me that the Hill Giant is now unavailable, and I am wondering... should there have been a Hill Giant blister attached to the copy I bought for myself last month?

If so, do I need to have a chat with the store owner where I bought my copy?

I don't want to raise a ruckus if it's not warranted, but if it is, I want to be sure I have solid information on what should and shouldn't come with the game.


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Re:Bit of Confusion Re: Figures Thu, 15 February 2007 20:59
yeah, the owner probably forgot to give you a Hill Giant with yours. Just ask him/her.

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Re:Bit of Confusion Re: Figures Thu, 15 February 2007 21:29
I think that Mail Order copies did not come with a copy of the Hill Giant. I think they were only available at local stores, as an incentive to buy local and pay a bit more.

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Re:Bit of Confusion Re: Figures Fri, 16 February 2007 20:16
I bought mine through the FLGS via pre-order and got the HG long before the game. I have been demo'ing the game there every couple weeks and they have ordered several copies. They have gotten a HG with each copy and taped it to the box for the buyers.

Having said that, I have not seen anything from DOW that promises a HG with the purchase. It seems to be a store issue/policy.

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