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Yves Van Herp
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November 2003
LOCS Tue, 13 April 2004 14:29
The rules state that a loc is a kind of "joker" counting for every colour you want. Does this mean that - when I want to claim for instance a "4 route" - I can put down 4 loc-cards?? Or can't you never play more than ONE loc-card for every route you want to claim?

Hey guys, this is a fantastic game! I almost love this as much as "Mystery of the Abbey". Days of Wonder is one hell of a fine company, keep up the good work.

From a Belgian fan!
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April 2004
Re:LOCS Thu, 22 April 2004 04:58
I would believe that you could make a route with all wild cards. In fact, last night I did just that after drawing several times for red and not getting any, I finally played three wilds just to get me out of there!

-= Crew =-

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October 2002
Re:LOCS Thu, 22 April 2004 19:45
Just to confirm what EricTheRead said... There is no limitation on the number of Locomotive cards you can use in a route. All of the cards can be Locs.

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