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April 2004
Rules clarification? Thu, 22 April 2004 05:09
This seems obvious to me, but the "Game End" states that the game is over when a players stock gets to only 1 or 2, everyone gets one more turn. What happens if they jump straight to zero?

Personally I'm almost willing to write out the "including that player" part of the Game End (forcing people to do one last build is often the fun price of running out), but that's me.

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October 2002
Re:Rules clarification? Thu, 22 April 2004 19:49
This was an omission in the rules. It should read, "0 to 2 trains remaining".

And there's really no problem playing a variant where the player who trips the game end DOESN'T get to play again, as a long as you state it up front.

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