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Anyone Play Call to Arms yet? Tue, 15 May 2007 02:03
I really like it. Setup length already has my wife a bit weary of Battlelore though, so we're going to keep playing the old way while my friends and I will be taking advantage of the nifty customization.

To those that might be wondering about long setup time, yes it's significantly longer with CtA, but the key is to think of setting up as part of the actual game (which it is). That way it's a lot more enjoyable.

One comment though about CtA, it seems that with up to 5 units per section, plus the two reserves, plus possible specialist cards, that things are really crowded with this system. Last game I had an initial 4-5-5 setup, plus 2 reserves in the back, plus illusionary troops for a whopping 17 units! (could have had 18 if I wanted). My opponent had 16. The minimum possible units would be 14, still a very large army.

It took a long while to set up the game (132 little figures!), but we had a whole Saturday so it was no big deal. The actual battle felt kind of strange though. The battle line was packed in two rows deep, and literally every unit in battle on both sides was bold, double-bold, or triple-bold for quite a while.

The game ended at 6 flags per the scenario, but we decided to play to 7. Even then when I lost I still had ten units on the board, most of which were either at full health or close to it. It didn't feel like the game ended at the right time.

I think next time we're going not going to play with the reserve rules. That 4th card will just be discarded. Even then, it's not hard to end up with a very large 15-unit army.

Anyone else have an experience like this? Anyone have any ideas for how to play CtA with a smaller army?

Or is CtA with it's huge forces intended for Epic Battlelore? I think it might be and maybe I just missed it Smile

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Re:Anyone Play Call to Arms yet? Tue, 15 May 2007 02:18
By the way... Take out, or house rule nerf hills rumble and forest frenzy when playing with CtA. My opponent on Saturday FF'd 12 units off the map against me when we were playing (level 2 cleric), which was beyond lame.

After spending a LOT of time and effort putting care into your Battlelore setup using CtA rules that are supposed to allow for more strategy, there's nothing more ridiculous than someone just paying 7 lore to wreck the whole thing. There are just too many troops, too densely packed... It's nothing more than bowling. Razz
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Re:Anyone Play Call to Arms yet? Tue, 15 May 2007 03:48
My wife and I played one game using the first scenario
in the book, but with just level 1 warriors. The board
did feel a bit crowded, so I could certainly see not
playing with Reserves. I'm not sure the Reserves really
adds anything to the game. We haven't done all of the
basic scenarios from BL yet, so we haven't played with
the full War Council, and noone has yet to cast HR or FF
in any of the 21 or so games I've played because in the
few games we've played with Cleric, it hasn't come up.
Overall, I enjoyed CtA in the first play, but it didn't
strike me as amazing - but maybe I just need to examine
the decks more?

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Re:Anyone Play Call to Arms yet? Tue, 15 May 2007 06:36
Call to Arms gets my Good Gaming Seal of Approval.

Never thought of army size as "to big". A game lasts an hour and a half or more with setup and such, so I can play two or possible three games in about four hours. The six of seven units to win keeps the game from being long winded. Lots of troops provide lots of options.

Nice thing is most of my games have been fairly balanced with each player within one or two victory units of the other.
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Re:Anyone Play Call to Arms yet? Tue, 15 May 2007 14:30
Has anyone seen anything regarding combining CtA with Epic? What's the best way to setup an Epic game using this system? I could brainstorm on a few possible ways, but I was wondering if DoW had any suggestions. My group might give this a try Wednesday night if we can find the rules.
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Re:Anyone Play Call to Arms yet? Thu, 17 May 2007 05:28
I've played two games so far with my partner, using the Call to Arms expansion, in both games creating our own map first using the new terrain mixed with terrain from the basic Battlelore game.

The first game, last night, did seem to take forever to set up, and the map seemed quite crowded. But tonight, I think we were more used to it, and considered the set-up time to be part of the fun of the game, and therefore expected to be playing for about 3 hours or more. Other than the set-up and clean up (and each new game involves the same long set up--no just "resetting the board for a rematch"), the CtA expansion is rather fun, and it adds a lot of replayability.

The main problem we are having with Call to Arms is with the rulebook not being clear enough, especially concerning Cliff terrain, but also with Creatures and some of the cards.

We've decided to play with a house rule where we both get to choose from the complete set of Specialty cards. If we both pick the same ones, so be it--we still both get to use the benefits of the cards we picked. I think it is within the intention of the rulebook, since it mentions the possibility of each player having his/her own set of Specialty cards.

We are also playing with a slight variation, condoned by Richard Borg in a different post, where we confine ourselves to choosing only one set of cards (A,B, or C) each from opposite sides (Banner or Pennant), but we still use the Specialty cards.

I do not own 2 copies of the map, so I haven't tried CtA using the Epic rules.

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