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Can't Decide on What to Purchase Wed, 21 March 2007 19:22
I am debating on purchasing either Cleopatra or Myster of the Abbey, and wanted to get some feedback before I made the decision. I have heard that Cleopatra is a great game for alot of people, but it is really short. I have also been told that it is alot of fun with the design and shape of the board. Any information you could give me would be very helpful. Thank you for your time.
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Re:Can't Decide on What to Purchase Wed, 21 March 2007 20:10
Cleopatra runs about one hour to two hours, depending upon speed and nature of play; more players tends to be slightly shorter.

The two player rules (downloadable) while a different scoring system, play very well, too.

I don't have Mystery yet... so I can't comment to that.
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Re:Can't Decide on What to Purchase Sun, 22 April 2007 11:45
To give you a "rough" feeling of Mystery of the Abbey, think of it as a "better" Clue game. Sure you are trying to find the actual person who did the crime, but you can still win the game, even if you don't specify the actual person, because you can get points by saying "I believe the person has a mustache" (or items of that effect - yes you can say he doesn't have a mustache..i.e. the opposite).

Plus you can get additional info by the mechanics in the game (one turn, you pass a card to the left, the next, to the right) plus you can maybe obtain a card that NO one else knows about [the excess cards] early in the game. and yes there are ways to look/peek into a another person's hand to maybe find that "elusive" card you haven't seen.

Plus you got to love a game where you can put your finger to your mouth to do a vow of silence when someone want to ask you a question (to either "throw them off the path"]. And the "penalty" for not ringing the bell (yes there is one in the game] definitely adds to the game.

Hope the above helps on your decision for Mystery.

I do happen to have both game (Cleo and Mystery) and Cleo has been played more of late..but it probably is because it is new, etc.

Unfortunately you cannot compare the 2 since they really are different games.

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Re:Can't Decide on What to Purchase Tue, 19 June 2007 03:09
Well, I'm undecided between Cleopatra and Shadow over Camelot. I own Battlelore and Memoir 44. Looking for a game to accomodate more players, but that plays in about an hour. Any recommendations? Razz
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Re:Can't Decide on What to Purchase Tue, 19 June 2007 04:35
Cleoptara is for up to 5 and Shadows up to 7. I never really check timing when I play but I think Cleopatra goes a good deal quicker than shadows. Shadows also is a bit more difficult for the casual gamer to pick up. It is also tough to beat the first time around. So before people got into it, they were turned off. If your group has more experience and is a bit larger than 5, Shadows is probably what you want. If you want something shorter and easier to grasp, Cleopatra is probably better.
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Re:Can't Decide on What to Purchase Wed, 20 June 2007 11:44
Abbey is a deduction game. So you need to make sure that your player's like that type of game.

Camelot is a co-operative game. So you need to make sure that your player's like that type of game.

Cleopatra is more like a normal standard game.

Personally I prefer the first two as they are both highly original and extremely fun to play.
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