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  Optional Phases Tue, 03 July 2007 18:04
The English rules state that each phase is optional; a player may pass a phase.

Does this include the 5th Phase: Closing Ceremonies? I wouldn't think that any player can opt out of this phase.
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Re:Optional Phases Tue, 03 July 2007 18:49
Most of this phase is tied to phase 4. If you opt out of phase 4 and don't produce a new event, then you don't have to ditch an asset. I guess the only thing you would have to do then is discard an asset and the 1st place player has to let the last place player select another token. You could opt out of getting the podium and accepting the token if you were in last place.
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Re:Optional Phases Mon, 16 July 2007 10:44
That is correct - if you opt out of phase 4 (didn't produce a program), you don't have to discard an asset token in phase 5.

And obviously if you happen to be in 1st place (via opting out of phase #4 that turn...highly unlikely), I still think you would get the podium, since the highest produce at the end of that turn still gets it.

I guess you "could" decline getting the podium (but why?)..but I don't think you can decline the other aspect of being first, of having to give an asset token to the last place person - UNLESS the last place person ALSO declines as well...again, very doubtful since getting tokens (as well as removing 2 tokens - one via discard and one by being 1st - does hurt the 1st place person of having 2 less tokens)

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Re:Optional Phases Sun, 16 September 2007 02:43
And it is a very bad idea to skip phase 1 (Investing), as a friend of mine found out when we played the game the first time. He skipped his initial Investing phase, and never recovered in the game.

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