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December 2005
  First time we played and we're pretty disappointed! Mon, 26 December 2005 05:27

After reading the rules carefully both before and after our first attempt at this game we are a bit perplexed... What, exactly, do the attributes of the monks have to do with finding the culprit in this game? Seems like we are sharing names of suspects either through the questioning process or by passing cards and have no real need to ask questions about beards and such.

We'd love some suggestions for making this game a little more deductive.

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June 2004
Re:First time we played and we're pretty disappointed! Mon, 26 December 2005 16:47
If you ask for a specific named character and get a prositive reply then everybody else will immediately gain that knowledge too and you will not be ahead of the others in the quest for gaining the honor of finding the culprit before anyone else.

By asking for a trait of which you know more than the others then you may gain some usefull knowledge which is more or less useless to the other monks.

If you have very few bearded suspects left you might want to ask around for bearded friends to see if they are all there - especially when you know that you still have a couple of bearded monks in your hand which no-one has seen yet. That way will you be able to pin that "thin bearded monk" down to Father William whereas the other players may be struggling to find this info about 6 potential suspects partcularly useful. But had you asked for Father William would everybody cross him off their list.
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July 2007
Re:First time we played and we're pretty disappointed! Sat, 07 July 2007 16:01
My friends and i have discovered that as you play more often, and intriuging part of the game is developing more sophisticated questions that revel less and less about your current information.

We have now got to the point of mis-information, to throw others off the trail. Questions involving at least one suspect you've already eliminated, perhaps one you've held the entire game, so others think that you are looking for him too.

We've had a blast.

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June 2007
Re:First time we played and we're pretty disappointed! Sat, 07 July 2007 20:13
The attributes come in handy when dealing with revelations. Remember that revelations give or take away points. This makes the game interesting.

Unlike Clue, just because you guess the right answer doesn't mean that you automatically win. We played the other night and while I got the right culprit (+4 points), I made two incorrect revelations earlier in the game (-2 points). One of the other players made two correct revelations (+4 points), so they ended up winning based on points.

Correct revelations help ensure tie-breakers as well. You can ensure victory by droping one or two correct revelations before you reveal the culprit.

Just a thought Smile

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December 2006
Re:First time we played and we're pretty disappointed! Sat, 21 July 2007 08:25
We ran into the same situation after our first game. It seems like the cards change hands so frequently, that it is hard to ask questions which allow only the asker to learn information and eliminate suspects. We tried asking questions using the attributes but you never learn enough between masses to make the information useful. About the only strategy that we came up with was to ask if a player had one of two cards, of which you help one of the cards.

Dissappointing for us as well.
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