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November 2005
Re:World TTR League - Sign up and rules Tue, 06 January 2009 12:31
Hi folks,

maybe I'm just to blind to read....

Can anyone give me a clue, how to score a tie in a game? Zero points or 0,5 point each opponent? What about a tie in a match?
If you get 2 points for a win of a series, will we spilt them to each opponent in case of a tie?

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January 2006
Re:World TTR League - Sign up and rules Tue, 06 January 2009 12:52
yep 0,5 or a each player.
And 1 additional point for each for a match tie.

[Updated on: Tue, 06 January 2009 12:55]

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Re:World TTR League - Sign up and rules Tue, 06 January 2009 19:37
re: dea1's challenge to create stats or predictions

At first I thought it would be silly (technically sillier than usual), and that there really wasn't much I could do, given that there was so much variation to be expected in the results. Then i got the idea to try it with one division, using a set of simulations. This would show that while certain people were more likely to win, or more likely to be relegated, anything could happen. In my football (the weird version with the pointy ball) crazed nation, the key phrase is "any given Sunday", meaning that the result can change, and that on any given Sunday, the winner can change. See the results of my morning calculations on the tiki at

http://www.informatik.uni-frankfurt.de/~erps/tickipedia/inde x.php/World_League_Simulation

And no, I am not going to do this for the other divisions.
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Re:World TTR League - Sign up and rules Sun, 18 January 2009 14:44
Hello Wildfire,
I want to join the League for the 2nd season. Please take a note and add me to one of the divisions.

thx Karin1961
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Re:World TTR League - Sign up and rules Fri, 23 January 2009 01:59
Hi Wildfire and Colo,
or whoever was responsible for this...Rolling Eyes )

Thank you very much for adding the points won per match column on the Tickipedia page - this really simplifies the comparison between all players of one division Smile.

And also a biiiiiiiig Thank You for all the work you put into this, we are enjoying some great games (at least I do Very Happy ) and it wouldn't have been posssible without you guys organising this!


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  Re:World TTR League - Sign up and rules Fri, 23 January 2009 13:07
yes, thanks very much that even a tiger can understand the table now Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
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