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BTB Patterson
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Re:NC playoffs (QF-SF-F) - schedule Mon, 16 December 2013 11:31
Played yesterday

Davidb9-Mercurey vs SOS Patterson 2.5-3.5

I start game 1, 3 and 5.

Game 1. Mon-NO and SSM-Nash (I think) against Van-SFe and Dul-ElP(?). I have the locos and the colors to build my preferred 44 route. David apparantly struggles with colors and locos to make his tix easily. 0-1.

Game 2. Port-Nash and Cal-SLC vs ?. Intended route dead after 6 black start by David. I manage successfully to come up with an alternative up north. 0-2.

Game 3. SSM-Nash and NY-Atl vs the golden combo. I block NY with 3 blue after having started with 6 orange and 6 red on grey. David claimed 6 yellow and 6 purple. He goes for the connection through the middle, spending blues, orange and black in the process. With 9 reds in hand I am able to block 5 red. And block the 2er to avoid David connecting over 4 red. Then the thinking contest begins. I have not enough whites and green, so I reckon David is full of them. He draws open locos. He can wait me out, I can spend my blacks only once. I decide for the middle block. And he plays 4 black to Win. And connects to Sea, but as coup de grace he also plays the 1er Van-Sea and connects over 2 blank instead of 3 red, as I expected. And if I remember correctly, did not play a lot of green as well. So in hindsight, I should probably have blocked the north black, but I do not know whether David would have been able to connect over 4 green. So very close, but not close enough. 1-2.

Game 4. Chi-NO and Tor-Mia vs Den-Pit and Den-ElP. David starts with 6 black, me 6 orange, he 6 green, me 6 red, he 2 to NO. I decide to block Atl with 4 yellow, thereby destroying my 6 yellow. David starts to move up through the middle. I think about blocking LA-Pho for longest, but I am fearing a loop over SF. In the end we tie for longest, and I have to admit I am pretty surprised that the game ends in a tie as well. 1.5-2.5.

Game 5. SSM-Okl and Dul-ElP vs Sea-LA and Hel-LA. Good colors, good tix, relatively easy game. Victory secured. 1.5-3.5.

Game 6. SF-Atl and Hel-LA vs LA-Mia and Port-Nash. Good start with 6 black, but LA-SF from David effectively kills my game. When I learn he also has LA-Mia, it is too late to block that anymore. In the end I can connect, but feel I need longest to win this one. I gamble that the last 6 cards for David (8 left) are no 6er, and decide to use an extra turn. Unfortunately for me, he has 6 blue for grey. The alternative would not have brought me victory either, I think. So well played by David, and 2.5-3.5.

Nice and interesting games. Some other choices might have brought me a better result, but the same is probably true for David. But with the other games at 1-5 and 3-3 would not have helped me.

Thanks for the games, David, and enjoy watching the big final tonight.

And GO Jochem GO!!

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Re:NC playoffs (QF-SF-F) - schedule Tue, 17 December 2013 02:27
Well, I needed a tie the win NC, Ishamael needed at least 3,5.

1st game : Den Pitt Den Paso(disc. Dul Hou) vs Hel La Port Phoe (his start)
95 vs 92
I start fairly offensive with 6 orange, 4 green. In the meantime, he has time to play 6 yellow, 6 black, 6 blue, 6 white... 60 points vs 22.
Aaargh it does not look good.
I have to make a choice... Giving up the big tracks and block or give it a try ? I remember Elric's game against Isha in RR with a similar setting.
I then start a block in SF, with 3 yellow, then 2 to Santa Fe. He plays 3 blue in Santa Fe and I go down to Paso.
He has 18 trains left, I had to empty his hand by forcing him to go to Phoe, which he connects with 3 pink.
Bingo, I block Portland Sea, then 3 pink Hel Slc.

He still completes Port Phoe, and I complete Den Pitt and get longest by connecting my block in La and Port !

Pfeew, I win by 3 ! Good win for me, good nerves ! 1-0

2nd game :La Ny Dul Paso vs Por Nash SSM Oak (my start)
128 vs 123

Again offensive on orange, he answers with 6 orange on grey then 6 white. I seriously lack of black but i can complete my other colors nicely.
He plays 4 red to Oak after my 4 green. If I lose 6 black, I'm now blockable in La, if lay 6 black I can be blocked easily in Ny.
I go to Pitt then play 6 black. I leave NY open to complete my colors.
He goes down via Cal/Sea/Port/SLC/LR. I could block nash, but I double check my points, and I win it in any case.
In the meantime, I go down to Fe, Then 5 yellow and 3 blue, and finish with 3 La Phoe and 5 white.

We both did our paths on our side. Start definitely made it for me ! 2-0
We are close to winning the whole thing now... but the last win is the hardest to get...

3rd game : Win Lr SSM Oak vs Hel La Dul Paso (his start)
111 vs 114
He's very offensive with 6 orange and 6 black at 28, me 4 green then 6 yellow and 4 red to Oak.
I try to be patient. I can only play 6 blue on grey... at risk of being blocked with 6 white. I can also play 6 pink on grey, but the picture would look nicer with 6 grey and 6 pink.
I'm too greedy, he lays yellow on grey.
He can then complete his track with tons of points. Unless there's a Den Paso, I'll fall short.
Well played by him, offense paid off !
I was too patient. 2-1

4th game : Mon No Mon Atl Win Hou vs La Mia La Ny (my start)
126 vs 122
He's offensive again : 6 black, 6 green. I then play Ho No that I need anyway. I play then 5 blue, trying to secure longest, but I kinda regret that move now.
He plays 6 red, I close Atl no.
He plays 4 yellow Nashville Pitt, which disturbs my plan.
I think he tries to delay me. He may have a bad ticket on the side of La Mia, or even a 37. I try to be as flexible as possible, and focus mainly on my game.
I could play 3 green at some point, but I want 6 grey secured first : it gives me longest and 3 tickets. Alas, he finishes stronger than I think, and he has the only combo that would kill. my plan.
I decide not to draw, hoping for Dallas Ny (which was honestly unlikely).

Not my best game here. One spectator (who do not like to play tourneys) can call it "stupid"...
I'd call it "lack of offense/Defense", "lack of balls", "too safe"... But yes, it ends up in being bad play...
Credit to him for not giving up...

2-2. The lobby boils in excitement. Confidence on his side, start to follow.

5th game : Port Phoe Cal Slc vs Cal Phoe Den Pitt (his start)
97 vs 97
Pressure back on my shoulders !
Decent combo for me against the start, but colors are not very exciting : 1 yellow, 3 white. I pick white open, he plays 5 to phoe... Ok, Cal Phoe against the start, not exactly what I was hoping for.
He plays 4 green. I have no yellow and I need Cal, I lay Sea Cal to kill a future loop with 6 yellow.
That works, with 4 red to Cal for him. I lay 1 to Portland.
He answers 6 blue, my only strong color, I'm knocked down.

Time to regroup, he may have a bad 2nd tickets and he may have given up longest here. There's a good block to play for him, so I need to be as flexible as possible -> 2 to Santa Fe.
He's out of blue and White, I can go around Helena with 3 pink to SLC. Ouf, that works.
He starts laying big track : 6 black on grey, 6 orange.
I complete my tickets and get longest.
I'm nevertheless way behind in track points. I need a big loss on his part : surprise -11, den pitt dead !

2.5-2.5. A game which wouldn't change the outcome anyway.
Not sure I could have done way better here but he probably gives away a fairly easy win.
Well, it now comes down to the last game of the last match of NC...

6th game : Sea Ny Dallas Ny vs Cal Slc Dul Hou (my start)
123 vs 97
I am pretty offensive with 6 orange, 6 yellow at 28 cards. He answers 6 white, then 6 blue on grey. Me, 6 pink.
I feel he has some kind of middle tickets, that he wants to go around Hel, SLC, La and Houston.
I can not really counter attack unless I go straight to Pitt and NY. He let me pass, I can play 6 black ! He goes to Slc Pitt, and burn his locos on 5 white after his 6 green.

I can also complete a longest via KC/Saint Louis, Dallas and Paso, therefore connecting my 6 black.
I count the whole thing, it is maybe safer to go 4 green (provided he does not have 4 locos) and 4 red, and rely on track points.
I pick up a loco to finish as fast as possible.
If he lays 5 black, and has Cal Phoe Win Hou, it's a tie at best for him (that works). But he draws one turn earlier, and lays 4 black to Duluth.
Hmm Cal Phoe Winn Hou and a Dul ticket does not look good for me.
I have only 1 to draw for, and I feel he has Cal Slc.

He found nothing ! Phewww (and primal scream on Skype) !

Ishamael vs Sysy :
2,5 vs 3,5

Well, I think NC could not hope for a better end (SOS would disagree...) ! It was probably thrilling from outside, it was nerve-wrecking from inside.
When there is a lot at stake, matches certainly do not look as pretty as they should.
There's certainly a lot to say about the way I played and there surely was some room for Jochem to win the match.
But i'll take the win Smile.

Thanks Jochem for being a worthy opponent. You had a really good reaction after being down 0-2 !
Thanks also SOS for being our fiercest opponent this year. Your win streak against White/UEG/TuS was one of the most impressive in NC history. I'm sure you guys will have another opportunity to win it !
I thought that Elric/Truck's match offered the best moves of the clash (3 red to Paso for Truck in game 2, 6 green from Elric in game 5, and Sven's last game was really well played... Not very well rewarded...)

Thanks also to all spectators and players. NC is NC thanks to all players' involvement. That has been a nice and fun NC with no big drama, nor crap behavior. Kuddos to Truck, for being the right man for the job !

A big thanks also to my captain for the kicks-in-the-butt, to toutoune for playing sober and to David for giving more spice in KO Wink ! Thanks to Neo, EPO and foude for being fun and understanding teammates.
And finally thanks to all TGV for their support, their motivation, their involvement ! This has been the best NC for Frenchies. Special hug to Maximour and RV for the fun on Skype.

As a side-note, Maximour recorded the whole final. Videos available in the French forum !

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