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July 2005
House Rules For Auctions Thu, 14 June 2007 16:18
Hey all

Just wonderig if anyone has made any house rules for the way auctions run. Our group found (albeit after only a couple of games), that the minimum bid of eight coins was rather high and most auctions didn't get much movement. We tried reducing it to five coins to start with and got more people involved in the bidding. Even by raising it, very few auctions ended below eight, but at least people got involved with the bidding instead of just passing all the time. Has anyone else tired anything similar?

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December 2006
Re:House Rules For Auctions Fri, 15 June 2007 02:45
We play with the official Intense Auctions variant. There was usually bidding on most assets since you can get more than one set a turn if you are willing to pay.
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