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Re:CnC ANCIENTS? Wed, 12 March 2008 14:40
ColtsFan76 schrieb am Tue, 11 March 2008 16:29

Gast397806 wrote on Tue, 11 March 2008 09:14

It isnt just he blocks,, it is expensive and the only thing worht the game is the rules, great rules,, that all, the board is thin carboard too the dice have to be glued too.

I would disagree. The board is sufficient but is actually upgraded in Expansion 2 and 3. So you have a nice DOW style board in there. In fact, I would say this new board is even better than DOW's because it folds up into 8 sections with a smaller folded-up footprint (it is still the same 22 x 34 board when opened up).

The cards are also an important factor of the game. The rules are downloadable so the Cards are really the reason you would want any individual C&C game.

The dice suck (think of Battle Cry dice). But I replaced those from Valley Games offering a long time ago.

I guess if you wanted to be "cheap" you could find scans of all the components and make it yourself. Most of what you are paying for is the cost of hte blocks (and the initial design). So if you are really going to just toss the wood, then it probably is better to seek other options. But the game is good and really, I can't stress this enough, the wood pieces are not that bad. I thought I would hate them too but really like them now.

yes I have exp 2 and 3 too, but the basic game has a bit of cardboard $55, the exp 1 has no rules, no board $49 then exp 2 and 3 go for about the same price,, so DOW is great, but GMT isnt, thats how I feel cheers MI

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Re:CnC ANCIENTS? Tue, 18 March 2008 18:08
I am a modeler at heart so to me the blocks vs. figs is a no brainer but consider this.

Anything resembling a painted fig will typically send a traditional board game player [or occasional boardgame player] running in the opposite direction as quickly as they can. They just don't want to get painted with the "nerd" broad brush or the figs may make them feel juvenile and uncomfortable.

The blocks have a very traditional feel to them. There's no nerdy overtone. Casual game players will give the game a try because visually it's not "intimidating".

Offer C&C Ancients to the unitiated. You will have fun, they'll love it, and then you can draw them into your BattleLore web. Twisted Evil
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Re:CnC ANCIENTS? Thu, 27 March 2008 14:08
Hi Mates

There is a new Forum for Command and Colors
Here is the link

A huge thank tou for the mates at DOW for letting us chat away about C&C here until our C&C Forum was up and running\


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Re:CnC ANCIENTS? Sun, 13 April 2008 17:41
Hi Roobarb,

I own the C%C Ancients original game and the first expansion. Very fine gaming.

Indeed it is a project to paste the decals on each block but after a while it gets kind of fun.

I've played several scenarios solitaire and the results are very interesting.

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