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Roleplaying in the Battlelore way Thu, 17 April 2008 22:45
Just purely as an intellectual exercise I've been thinking of ways to do the Battlelore system (well C&C really) as a RPG, its just chruch at the moment, anyone interested? (I'll need to make it legible to those who don't occupy my mind so might take a couple of days)

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Re:Roleplaying in the Battlelore way Fri, 18 April 2008 00:49
Any innovation based on this game system is interesting. At the very least it might keep those that want more! expansions now! busy until the next official expansion arrives Wink

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Re:Roleplaying in the Battlelore way Fri, 18 April 2008 16:47
Check out High Medieval for inspiration. You might find an idea or two in there to steal.

What kind of an RPG experience are you looking to provide? Something along the lines of a collaborative storytelling in the world of Uchronia? Or, something closer to the BL boardgame where players control a single character with an emphasis on battling the "other side" and the fantastical races and creatures that are involved?

I've often found that the best RPGs craft the rules to emphasize, or focus on, a particular experience. Just my cp.
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Re:Roleplaying in the Battlelore way Tue, 22 April 2008 00:55
This system is designed to be used in conjunction with the dice from the Battlelore game system by Days of Wonder.

It is heavily influenced by the style of roleplaying I enjoy / time limits available to do session creation (i.e. pretty fast and loose, if you like more crunch then have a bash at creating an OGL based game), so without further ado here it is:

There are no attributes only seven broad areas to describe your character,
Artistry (e.g. Drawing, stand up comedy, singing)
Athletics (e.g. Running, climbing, weightlifting)
Espionage/ Larceny (e.g. Lock picking, pick pocket, tailing, slight of hand)
Knowledge (e.g. History, law, music)
Science (e.g. Chemistry, anthropology, forensics)
Social (e.g. Lying, detecting lies, savoir faire)
Combat (e.g. Sword and shield, Spear, archery )
(Well there is an eighth for Magic but not everyone has it and covers things like Healing, fire, illusions)

Each skill is rated as Unskilled, Green (competent), Blue (professional) and Red (really rather good).

At character creation you get to choose a skill block; which gives you a certain number of skills at different ratings (see table below) it is up to you how you distribute these ratings.
If you decide you want to take some magic, first you have to decide what is will be based round (eg healing, fire illusions) and assign one of your ratings to it, this will mean you will have an additional skill that is unrated

Block Green Blue Red Unskilled
A 4 2 1 0
B 2 3 1 1
C 1 2 2 2
D 0 1 3 3

In addition to the ratings you will also be allowed to choose an equal number of specializations per rating colour as well, e.g. If you chose Skill Block B you put Green ratings against Combat and Social you can now choose two specializations to these groups, either one in each or both in one.

So how do you decide if you succeeded at something?
Pick up a number of Battlelore dice equal to your rating (same as the board game, two for Green, three for Blue and four for Red) $
Roll them
If you get matching helmets to your colour you succeed£

$ if Unskilled you get to roll one dice.
£ if Unskilled you will only succeed on a Lore, this will man you can not get a Fate point if you are unskilled, except by hard knocks (aka the Black flag)

But what about the other sides:
- If you roll a Sword on Shield and you have an appropriate specialization then it is a success otherwise nothing
- If you roll Lore nothing (unless casting magic in which case it’s the only way to get a success)*
- If you roll AS LEAST one matching helmet colour and 1 or more Black Flags you will succeed but with a sting in the tail (e.g. picking a lock, you succeed but you unknowingly leave behind some evidence)
- If you roll no matching helmet colour and 1 or more Black Flags then you fail badly (picking that same lock you will snap your tools and have a guard/ policeman walk round the corner at the same time)*
* If you ever roll more Lore (unless casting magic) or Black Flags than success you will earn a Fate Point.
It is possible with a Red skill to get a couple of mis-matched Helmets, a Lore and a Black flag and so earn two Fate Points on a single roll, this is quite ok.

Roll your Rating dice, each success will damage the opponents ability to continue (aka Health which is equal to the Combat Rating) by one (this will not reduce the number of dice you roll).
If ever Health reaches zero you have lost the fight and the victor describes the outcome.

You can divert damage from your Health to your other Skills Groups, at the time damage is inflicted, reducing their Rating by one (i.e. from Red to Blue, Blue to Green, Green to Unskilled), if ever your skills all reach Unskilled and you divert one more hit from your Health you loose and take a complication to your life based on the Skill Group you choose to hit. If you run out of Health then you will be open to victory descriptions of loose an ear, finger, eye, gain a scar on your face.
Complications could be things such as Knowledge, smack on the head during the fight means you gain a Specialization that works in the reverse way to normal (ie Swords on shields reduce your successes)
Athletics, you suffer s cut to your knee meaning jumping, climbing etc will be nigh impossible

Fate points
Spend one to get doubled dice pool for the next action, or one success towards casting magic.
Spend two to get double for the rest of the scene with 1 skill though you can not earn any fate points during this time with this skill, you are in the zone

Result summary Matrix
Non matching coloured helmet Failure
Matching coloured helmet Success if matching skill level
Sword on Shield Success if rolling a specialization
Black flag Failure
Lore Magic succeeded

Magic is a very open (and potentially abusable) system, describe what you want to do the person running the game (hey call them the GR, Game Runner) will look at the following table and compare what you want to do against Scope, Range, Duration and Impact to determine the number of Lore symbols / Fate point expenditure that will be needed to successfully cast the spell.
The rough guide line is

Number of Lore/ Fate Points needed is equal to highest level plus one if 2 or more are of same level
(note that direct damaging spells like a lightening strike are momentary)

A few examples:
Plague your enemies with a blight of vermin (assuming Animals is area of Magic)
The spell is targeting a building for a duration of weeks the number of successes needed will be 4

An emboldening spell making your fellow warriors braver (and so more competent)
Spell is targeting more than one person so a room is appropriate, range again is probably across the room, duration Melee. All of this is pointing to needing 2 Lore/ Fate Points (1 success + 1 as two or more are equal to the highest level), now lets say the caster wanted to make them among the best warriors the world has seen, now that is pretty Major bumping the number of successes to 4!

Magic Table
Number Scope Range Duration (Plot) Impact
0 Individual Touch Momentary Average
1 Room Few yards Melee Moderate
2 Building 10's yards A day Significant
3 Neighborhood 100's yards Weeks Potent
4 City 100's miles Years Major
5 Region 1000's miles Permanent Legendary

Character advancement,
Spend 1 fate point to get an extra specialization.
Gain number of Specializations as per the table below
Spend 1 Fate point, roll a number of dice equal to dice pool you are hoping to ove to, if any success or Lore come up you fail to improve your Rating. The dice pool can be reduced by 1 for each Fate point spent to a minimum of 1

Rating Move Number of Specializations needed
None to Green 3
Green to Blue 4
Blue to Red 5
This is accumulative to go from Green to Blue then Red would need 9 specializations.

Those with Magic will probably advance slower than others as they may want to hold onto Fate points to power more powerful magics.

There is one rank beyond Red, The Greatest in the World, to become the Greatest in the World you must first get to a rating of Red then spend 2 Fate points and roll 4 dice, if all the dice rolled come up with Red helmets you have become The Greatest in the World, the number of dice rolled can be reduced to 3 by spending 1 Fate point, 2 by Spending 3, and 1 by spending 6.
Benefit of the Worlds greatest, is that you choose 1 specialisation and when using that specialisation you will succeed on any helmet and Sword on shield (though only Red helmets will count when comparing against any rolled Lore to determine if you earn a Fate Point)

Still to do: non human races.....

Below isn't really any more rules just a couple of probablilty charts lifted from a kind gent at the boardgame geek

Hit on Banner Colour
Table 1: Odds of scoring nh hits with nd dice when hits are scored on Banner Colour only (cumulative
odds between brackets)

# dice 1 hit (+) 2 hits (+) 3 hits (+) 4 hits (+)
1 17% - - -
2 28% (31%) 3% - -
3 35% (42%) 7% ( 7%) 0% -
4 39% (52%) 12% (13%) 2% (2%) 0%
5 40% (60%) 16% (20%) 3% (4%) 0% (0%)
6 40% (67%) 20% (26%) 5% (6%) 1% (1%)
7 39% (72%) 23% (33%) 8% (10%) 2% (2%)
8 37% (77%) 26% (40%) 10% (13%) 3% (3%)

Hits on Banner Colour and Sword on Shield
Most units not only score on Banner Colour, but also have a bonus hit, scoring on a Sword on Shield
symbol too. This almost doubles the probabilities of scoring hits, as is shown in the following table.

Table 2: Odds of scoring nh hits with nd dice when hits are scored on Banner Colour and Short on Shield
(cumulative odds between brackets)
# dice 1 hit (+) 2 hits (+) 3 hits (+) 4 hits (+)
1 33% - - -
2 44% (56%) 11% - -
3 44% (70%) 22% (26%) 4% -
4 40% (80%) 30% (41%) 10% (11%) 1%
5 33% (87%) 33% (54%) 16% (21%) 4% ( 5%)
6 26% (91%) 33% (65%) 22% (32%) 8% (10%)
7 20% (94%) 31% (74%) 26% (43%) 13% (17%)
8 16% (96%) 27% (80%) 27% (53%) 17% (26%)

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